ibTIECar Marathon at CREATIVA Final Pitching Day

Start Date : 5/12/2021 03:00 PMzDecEnd Date : 5/12/2021 06:00 PMzDec
Location : videoconference " See on Map " Category : Conference

This year, ibTIECar Marathon was organized from July to November in a hybrid format, including both online and in-person events at CREATIVA Innovation Hubs. ibTIECar Marathon is an annual competition organized in cooperation with local companies and MCIT affiliates. This year's version was carried out based on developed work mechanisms and different participation criteria, allowing students, graduates, faculty members, and researchers to participate in the Marathon, where they received training and mentoring. The Marathon expanded to include six national universities: Mansoura, Menoufia, Minya, South Valley in Qena, Aswan, and Suez Canal in Ismailia, in addition to EME Labs in Cairo, Alexandria, and Assiut.

The participants presented the ideas and solutions they developed to tackle societal challenges and emphasized the important role of the Marathon in upskilling them; providing the expertise needed to develop a business plan; and enabling them to develop viable products, study the market, correct misconceptions, market their products, reach investors, and gain a competitive edge.

Furthermore, the participants highlighted that they leveraged EME Labs in manufacturing their products and used the cash prize to develop their products and cover their projects' needs.

The winning projects featured fintech, smart transportation, a ticketing application, an AI-powered system for improving road safety, an AI-powered system for radiology, healthcare-focused smart solutions, and low-cost respirators.

Moreover, the winners created applications to transform homes into smart ones at low costs, employed assistive technology to serve the visually impaired and convert sign language into text and developed a hydrogen generator to reduce carbon emissions and smart solutions for solid-waste management.

Other projects included a platform for changing child behavior and upskilling children, a smart system for managing education and another one for distance learning, smart solutions to serve factories and support digital transformation in the industry sector, smart systems for reducing water waste in irrigation, an integrated system to fill the gap in water resources, smart mechanisms for marketing local products, and a mobile application featuring an informational service guide for citizens in Aswan.

The winning projects:

From Cairo were DeltaSol, EFIKA, and GoSafe teams.

From Alexandria, Robopick, Otonom, and EM-IoT; from Menoufia, Injaz, and Smart Farm.

From Mansoura, Autoscan, My Relief, and Brain Sight.

From Ismailia, Minerva, and Green Energy.

From Minya, Naql Masr, Biobekia, and Ihgizly.

From Qena, Techn School, Ebnak, and Nabta.

From Assiut HoloMedica, Life Supporters, and Green ERA.

From Aswan, The Four, Atoms Tech, and Aswanny.

During the meeting, Talaat underlined that MCIT embarked on a plan to establish CREATIVA Innovation Hubs in all the governorates, 18 months ago. The aim is to build young people's capacity and equip them with innovative thinking, teamwork, technical expertise, and presentation skills. Talaat praised the innovative ideas that the young people presented, which prove that CREATIVA Innovation Hubs served as a destination for building capacity and fostering innovation, and a platform for starting businesses and startups.

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