TIECnovation Talk: Accelerating DevOps Careers

Start Date : 26/12/2023 03:00 PMzDecEnd Date : 26/12/2023 05:00 PMzDec
Location : Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace - iHub " See on Map " Category : Conference

TIECnovation is a program that aims to promote technology innovation and foster entrepreneurship. The program consists of a series of bi-weekly talks covering various technology topics from several aspects and real-life business cases that use this technology.

This time the talk will be on "Accelerating DevOps Careers: Exploring the ICT Industry".

The ICT industry is a rapidly evolving and dynamic field that offers numerous opportunities for professionals interested in DevOps careers. DevOps, which stands for Development and Operations, is an approach that combines software development and IT operations to improve collaboration, efficiency, and the delivery of high-quality software products.

Learn some key aspects to consider when exploring DevOps careers in the ICT industry. Join us for a session featuring Eng. Aya Hamed, Senior DevOps Technical Lead at @voisglobal

Eng. Aya will elaborate on its dynamic use cases, providing valuable insights into current trends in Egypt and the region.
Reveal the essential knowledge and skills needed to build a rock-solid foundation in DevOps, and navigate the diverse DevOps career pathways and job roles it offers.

Speaker: Eng. Aya Hamed, Senior DevOps Technical Lead.


The Talk (1 Hour).
Across-hub Q&A Session (30 min).
Discussion and networking with a Local Moderator in each center (30 min).

Location: Experience the event virtually, broadcasting live from Creativa Sultan Hussein Kamel Palace to Creativa centers across Egypt.
The necessary steps have been taken to live-stream these meetings from the palace of Sultan Hussein Kamel to Creativa centers throughout Egypt.