Management and Delivering of (Heya Raeda) Online Trainings 2021
2 March 2021
18 March 2021

(هي_رائدة) is a program to support early stage women entrepreneurs operating in the Communication and Information Technology sector. The primary target audience of this program is Women entrepreneurs whose product is technology or the business women who use technology as an assistive factor to commercialize their products.

TIEC releases this Request for Proposal (RFP) to call on qualified single or consortium of training providers, who have the capacity to manage and deliver 9 classes of (هي_رائدة) program starting third week of September through October and November of 2020 through online interactive training webinars for 4 days (full day = 8 hours including breaks), considering the following:

​1- Period: From 20th of April to November 2021
2- Locations: Online
3- Specific training days will be determined with the provider(s)
4- Each round will host an average of 20 female entrepreneurs
5- Delivery and material of the training should be in Arabic
6- Each round should be delivered by one trainer.

All detailed information are explained in the downloadable document "RFP - SHE 2021.pdf". Your proposal shall address all requirements, as explained in the RFP.

You can view the questions received from the service providers for the Heya Raeda 2021 RFP in the Q&A  document.

The deadline for submission is Thursday March 18th 2021.​

Publish Date:2 March 2021
Deadline for Submission:18 March 2021
Proposal submission E-mail address:
Ms. Nora Maamoun,
Mr. Haytham Sherif