Live the Metaverse

ibTIECar Metaverse@CREATIVA is a series of interactive market-driven online local competitions that will be organized all over Egypt and across 10 different governments, where CREATIVA Innovation Hubs and Egypt Makes Electronics Labs are located.

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The main objectives of the competition could be summarized as follows

1 Encourage local communities to come together, think intensely, and create innovative solutions to address local pressing challenges, hence contributing to accelerate digital transformation.
Discover the innovative young talents, and ideas, and help them to grow, focusing on university as the main source of innovative ideas.
2 Support local community growth through nurturing high potential and market driven ideas, exploiting the available opportunities and resources.
4 Recognize innovation efforts, and hence fostering innovation culture.



Competition Information

Competition is consisting of 4 main phases

1 Registering & Selection Phase
2 Semi-Final Phase (Project Development & Coaching 1)
3 Final Phase (Project Development & Coaching 2)

The 10 competitions will be executed in all 10 places within the following timeframe starting from the 15th of February 2022 and until the middle of June 2022.

  • Phase 1


  • Phase 2

    Participating Teams Selection

  • Phase 3

    Marathon Kickoff & Semi-Final

  • Phase 4

    Final & Winners Announcement

  • Cairo - (EMELab@SmartVillage)
  • Alexandria - (EMELab@Tech Park)
  • Mansoura - (CREATIVA
  • Menoufia - (CREATIVA)
  • Ismailia - (CREATIVA)
  • Minya - (CREATIVA)
  • Asyuit - (EMELab@Tech Park)
  • Qena - (CREATIVA)
  • Suhaj - (CREATIVA)
  • Aswan- (CREATIVA)



Benefits and Awards

Awards The total awards are 750k EGP
75k EGP for the top 3 winning teams in each location; distributed equally among them.
Benefits All participating teams will get access to Electronics Innovation Hubs and CREATIVA Innovation Hubs, where all the facilities are available to them to meet and work on their projects. Transportations available in the following governments: Cairo - Alexandria - Assuit -El Minya - Qena - Suhag - Aswan).

Winners will be given the priority to move through the whole value chain of their entrepreneurship journey with TIEC- Creativa support. This would include but is not limited to acceleration, incubation, consultation, and networking.


Registration & Eligibility

  • Only teams Min. of 2 and Max. of 5 members can apply for the Marathon.
  • The team should have at least a rough Prototype for the proposed solution.
  • Offline Marathon activities are available only in the 10 locations mentioned above, accordingly, applicants from outside those governorates have to choose the most convenient/ nearest location where they can attend and meet with other team members.
  • The idea has to offer some technological innovation with the potential of being a startup.
  • The used technology in building the proposed solution has to enable -directly or indirectly- the development of Metaverse.
  • ICT- related university faculty members, and researchers
  • Potential innovators from students and entrepreneurs with ICT related background
  • The registering team has to submit all the required documents to participate, which are as follows :
    ⦾ Project abstract, explaining how the offered solution can contribute to the Metaverse
    ⦾ Project presentation
    ⦾ Project business model
    ⦾ A 3-minute video explaining the idea of the project, the problem it is solving, and the initial prototype while it is working
  • Official authorization of a representative of the team (and he must have a bank account to receive the prize in case of winning) signed by all team members.


Technology to use

Metaverse cannot be identified as a unique product/technology, however many technologies are contributing to the evolution of the Metaverse either directly or indirectly. Direct contribution such as (GameFi -SocialFi-NFT) or any product/service with direct use in enhancing the Metaverse experience. Indirect contribution such as (DAO/DAC -GPT)

The below-mentioned technologies are key technologies that are used for this purpose:

AR/VR/MR/XR, 3D Modeling & Animation, Virtual Beings & Digitally-Created Humans

Sensory Wearables and Immersive Devices

Computer Vision & Spatial Computing NFTs and Blockchain NLP

Human-Machine Interaction,ML/AI,IOT



Projects Selection & Evaluation Criteria

  • Novelty: Degree of innovation and novelty of the idea.
  • Profitability: Target/expected market size and potential
  • Impact: The expected impact at the local/national/global level.
  • Teamwork: The technical and managerial ability and skills of the team.
  • Prototype Maturity: The extent of development reached by the prototype



Winning teams

  • Musheer - مشير
  • BOSLA Team
  • Stepinside
  • Oreca Tech
  • 3D Expo
  • بِناء
  • GHug
  • Elsare3
  • Gate Patrol
  • Metatrainer
  • E-teaching
  • Industries 4.0
  • Optical Touchscreen
  • smart roofs
  • بلية
  • ARMed VR
  • Visgo Audio Tours
  • N-Code
  • Metaroom