Startup Talk

A monthly talk where meetings are held with the founder of a successful startup in the Egyptian market​​.

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About Us
About the Program

Entrepreneurship is considered one of the main drivers of economic development, creating new job opportunities, opening new markets for technology exports, and attracting investments. Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center has played a significant role in supporting technological entrepreneurship over the years. In this context, the StartUp Talk program was established to provide an opportunity for all interested parties across Egypt to directly meet founders and benefit from their experiences.

What is StartUp Talk?

StartUp Talk is a monthly program where meetings are held with the founder of a successful startup in the Egyptian market, whether in terms of sales volume, attracting investments, deep technology usage, technology exports, or other topics relevant to the Egyptian ecological community. The meetup takes place in one of Egypt's digital complexes “Creativa”, and are exclusively livestreamed to all other complexes in all governorates which are:

  • Giza
  • Aswan
  • Qena
  • New Valley
  • Sohag
  • Minya
  • Beni-Suef
  • Fayoum
  • Banha
  • Mansoura
  • Shebin Elkom
  • Ismalia
  • PortSaid
  • Alexandria

About Us
Why attend Startup Talk?

The program provides an opportunity for direct interaction with the founders of successful startups, opening the door for a direct dialogue about the company's success story and challenges faced during its journey. It also offers an opportunity for direct questions, suggestions, and learning from the experiences of these companies in investment, sales, and market expansion.

How to Attend StartUp Talk?

Attendance is done by registering through the registration link, and a confirmation email with all the details will be sent to the attendees.


Some Guest Startups at StartUp Talk

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