Eligibility Criteria

For any contestant to be eligible to participate in the competition, the following set of criteria must be satisfied:

1. Idea Compliance – Applicants are only allowed to apply with Ideas related to Information and communications Technology (ICT). Entries with ideas outside the boundaries of ICT will be disqualified.
2. Teams or Startups – either teams with prototypes/ proof of concept or startups that have been in business in less than one year can apply.
3. Team Size – Only teams are eligible to apply. The team size is at least two members. In case of you have a legally registered startup, It should be legally registered as limited liability company or joint stock company.
4. Dedication – Applicants who reach the pitching stage must testify that they will dedicate their full time/efforts to lead their projects when incubated and that there are no legal or social or vocational constraints that would forbid them from doing so.
5. Age – Applicants of any age above 18 year may be eligible to apply.
6. Location – Applicants who are residents of Egypt including all provisional areas are eligible to participate given their acceptance to the criterion about dedication.

Reapplying for Start IT program

Projects/Startups that did not pass the pitching phase can reapply only one more time but after two rounds from their first pitch, and with the condition that they should have worked on the judges ‘comments that caused their rejection and validated their product/ solution.

General Terms

The entrant agrees to take full responsibility for the content of the submission and they further agree to abide by the terms and conditions of usage defined. All entries and content are subject to moderation. Content that is defamatory, malicious, and offensive or involves a breach of copyright, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights will not be allowed.
Entrants must own the intellectual property rights, including the copyright in or have permission to use any materials submitted for the competition. TIEC will not be responsible for breach of any copyright or other third-party intellectual property and proprietary rights by the entrants.
The accepted applicants are responsible for ensuring they are able to accept the incubation package as set out in these conditions and according to the incubation rules. This includes, for example signing the incubation contract, providing valid and up to date contact details and complying with these conditions and/or other instructions from TIEC.
By applying each applicant hereby warrants that they are the original author of the submission and that the submission does not or will not infringe any third party's intellectual property and proprietary rights, including their copyright, patent, trade mark, trade secret, design, or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy.
The project/startup can not be incubated in another incubator or accelerator at the same time of its incubation at TIEC.

Accept the terms & conditions​​​​​​