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Who we are?

Business & Entrepreneurship Support Department (BES) is responsible for supporting early-stage, growth-driven startups through several programs & services as shown below.

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What is Pre-Incubation?
Pre-Incubation program is a process of intense, rapid, and immersive education aimed at speeding up the life cycle of early stage startups, compressing years’ worth of learning by doing into just a few weeks/months by studying 11 modules covering the main areas of the business plan also includes improving the pitching techniques in addition to one to one mentoring session.
Why Pre-Incubation?
Pre-Incubation is one of the effective tools built in a learning by doing methodology to help any startup in building a proper business plan, by lesson learned from the studied modules in the program also supports the applied startups to improve their business model, build an effective business development plan including the marketing plan with a feasible studies of the market and how to maximize sales, how to engaged with the right partnership, understand the business financials to reach the break event point in order to create a proper suitable plan to grow and generate revenues for the business.

 Also, Pre-Incubation program Supports the startups to improve the inside working model & operations by issuing the right methodologies in using the team competencies and hiring new employees. Not only that but as well it offers a good opportunity to learn and practice on the right techniques of pitching to get investment or join incubators for fund.
Program Structure

Business & The Pre-Incubation journey duration is 20 days distributed to 45 days at least consists of the following:

14 online sessions (6-8 hours per session)
6 one-to-one mentoring sessions (30-60 min per session)
Program Modules
1.BMC Generation (2days)
3.Business Development & Marketing (2days)
5.Lean Strategies for Startups (2days)
7.Operation Strategies for Startups
9.Talent Acquisition & Hiring Mgt.
2.Business Plan Development
4.Online Review
6.Financial Mgt. for Startups & Marketing
8.Innovation Technology Management
10.Sales Strategies for Startups
11.Pitching to Investors Techniques

Mentoring Sessions


Business Model


Marketing Activities


Financial Plan


Business Plan 1st version


Business Plan Final version


Pitch Deck presentation

Eligibility Criteria

1) A team of entrepreneurs (2 -3 entrepreneurs at least), at least one of the founders should be Egyptian with an innovative tech-enabled idea that join with one of the following:

A prototype that they hope to turn to a product in the market.
An MVP in the market with some market penetration attempts.
Lunched/running Startups eager to grow.

2) Individual applicants are not eligible.

3) Technology competency.

The team should have the capability to develop the technology they claim to use as a basis for their startup.
You will leave the Pre-Incubation journey with
Valid Business Plan
Marketing Plan
Financial management plan
Pitch Deck of the applied project
Extra free mentoring session for top performer
Feedback report illustrating strengths & development areas
Program Perks
5000 EGP after commercial registration (This perk for startups who will register by the end or after the program)
Extra Mentoring sessions for the top performer startups
Free co-working spaces in TIEC premises / TIEC innovation hubs
Fast Track to Start IT Incubation program for the top performer startups.
How to Apply

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