Next Technology Leaders

Join thousands of learners from all over Egypt already learning on NTL tech learning platform. The presidential initiative provides a variety of technology learning tracks for the young and develops a first-class IT talent pool for organizations in Egypt.


In 2016, Next Technology Leaders (better known as NTL), a capacity-building initiative, started to provide 33 ICT learning online tracks for the youth in Egypt. The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) took the lead in the implementation of NTL as a fully funded learning grant. The Center introduces a learner-centered integral learning ecosystem. It offers high-quality content developed by working together with world-class universities and leading companies.

We make learning available on world best Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): Coursera, Udacity, and edX. Our all-inclusive suite of learning solutions is giving learners choice and flexibility. It extends nationwide with a network of study group mentors who coach learners and stimulate the learning process. Local organizations and MNCs working in Egypt can utilize NTL diversified tech talent pool of qualified candidates.

Build capacities and certify the young people on the recent advances of communication and information technologies.
Boost the competitiveness of local ICT companies by facilitating their training and capacity building plans.
Support creation of job and business opportunities for the youth through wage employment, freelancing, or startup establishment.
Set up nationwide mentoring and review networks in leading technologies to act as platform for fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Eligibility Criteria

Profiles of learners:

Students enrolled in ICT and electronics faculties.
Unemployed graduates.
Entrepreneurs and founders of ICT/electronics startups.
Employees in the field of ICT and electronics.
Researchers and teachers in an academic or researcher entity specialized in ICT/electronics.

General Requirement:

Egyptian nationality.
Higher-education college graduates of 2006 or later.
Current students of ICT or electronics.
Professional with experience of no less than two years in the same field.
Some tracks are available for third- and fourth-year students or non-ICT graduates.

100% funding of the learning track.
A certificate of appreciation after finishing the course.
Access to enter competitions of innovation.
Attending NTL jobs fairs for students and grads.
This learning grant is provided once for each trainee. NTL graduates can reregister in case of recommending 5 trainees at least who could pass the first month of their course successfully.

1A trainee must fully commit to attend, study and learn the content of his chosen track in the period set by the TIEC (commonly 6 months). He/she is obliged to pay a fine in case of incompletion within the predetermined timeframe:
EGP 1000 for learning tracks that cost less then EGP 20K.
EGP 2000 for tracks cost from EGP 20K to 40K.
EGP 4000 for tracks cost more than EGP 40K.

2A learner is committed to communicate with NTL management team regularly. He/she should send a weekly report stating how far he/she achieved in the learning content.
3A learner is obliged to attend study groups – whenever available – two days at least a month and with an attending ration not less than 50% (for both students and graduates to get incentives).

Enrollment for Learners

You can visit the NTL registration webpage to get enrolled in one of Next Technology Leaders learning tracks. All prospective learners must submit a letter of commitment and soft copy of ID. Graduates should submit a graduation certificate. Entrepreneurs must present their startup official establishment documents. An employee needs to bring an HR letter from the company he/she is currently serving. A non-ICT grad should have an ICT work experience of two years or more.

Registration for Talent Seekers

Local enterprises and multinational companies working in Egypt can visit and fill in the details of the NTL hiring needs page. NTL helps your company land on excellent job candidates from our technology talent pool.

Learning Tracks

Offered learning tracks from Next Technology Leaders encompass the topics of: Agile Development, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Applied Cryptography, Automated Software, Blockchain, Business Model Innovation, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Data Structures and Algorithms, Deep Learning, Front-End Web Development, Embedded Systems, Full-Stack Web Development, Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Self-Driving Cars, Internet of Things (IoT), Software Development in R, Robotics Software Engineering, Natural Language Processing, RPA Development, Sensor Fusion Engineering, Software Development Lifecycle, and User Interface Design.

Tracks offer nanodegrees (multi-project), specializations (multicourse), or certificates. Learning periods span from 2 months up to 6 months.

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For program details please visit http://techleaders.eg/​ ​​or contact NTL management team