Access to Talent Program (Jobathon)

The Access to Talent Program aims to effectively and efficiently facilitate business enterprise's access to talent for both hiring and internship needs, through a series of Jobathons to be held in Creativa Centers in different governorates as well as in TIEC and its affiliate centers in Smart Village, Borg El-Arab, and Assuit. With a large database of graduates from multiple technology capacity-building programs, this program aims to act as a platform for connecting to this database across more than 10 Egyptian governorates. The Jobathons are planned as a one-day technical challenge event to be executed on-premise by individuals interested to apply for a published vacancy job by a certain company, where those who manage to solve the challenge with high quality and faster techniques are the top candidates to be interviewed for hiring or internship opportunities at the requesting enterprise.

Target Beneficiaries

The main beneficiaries are the Egyptian startups and the graduates from multiple technology capacity-building programs that are run by ITIDA/TIEC.

Jobathon Benefits

    For applicants

  • Solid Opportunities to get hired.
  • Winning financial prizes (10,000 EGP prizes for the top candidates per Jobathon).
  • Networking with peers and building future collaboration ties.

    For companies

  • Fulfilling their hiring needs through a robust technical filtration mechanism
  • Increased awareness among the developer community.

Joining the Jobathon


A company applies with its hiring needs that align with the Jobathon model on this online form.


TIEC confirms that profiles exist within its graduates within 1 day of receiving the request.


The company submits the Jobathon challenge(s) to TIEC for each needed vacancy within 1 week.


TIEC approves that the Jobathon challenges match the required guidelines.


TIEC announces the Jobathon with the partner company and starts collecting registrations.


Jobathons are launched through TIEC in Creativa centers after 2 weeks of announcement.

Hiring Needs and Locations

As the Jobathon enables access to talent in many Egyptian governorates, the logistics of holding this activity in a specific number of locations should match the actual hiring needs of the requesting company/companies. The table shows a scheme of allowed locations as per the hiring demand

The actual location selection depends on the company approval to hire candidates from the location governorate. To maximize the value and enable sourcing talents from multiple locations, it’s preferable to engage with more than 1 company in a single Jobathon to guarantee that an average of 20 hiring opportunities are targeted through each.

# of Individuals to be hired

# of allowed concurrent Jobathon locations

 5 1
6-10 2
11-15 3
16-25 4
26-40 5
40+ 6+ (As agreed with company)

Guidelines for the Jobathon Challenge Design

In general, Jobathons should be challenging and motivating to candidates. The best way to make hiring coding challenges meaningful in tech is to design them in a way to evaluate real skills that are used on a daily basis. A company must design the challenge in compliance with the following guidelines:

  • 1. Job Relevant

    The challenge should fit directly with the technology area needed for the vacancy and scoped around the technical competences needed for a specific real work sample.

  • 2.Individual based

    The challenge should be designed for a single individual to solve on his/her own.

  • 3.Time feasible

    The challenge should take 3-5 hours to solve. A balance between a too easy challenge and a too complex one should be made to yield an effective Jobathon challenge day.

  • 4. Checkpoint based

    The challenge should be split into 3-4 measurable and graded deliverables that can used to create a gamifying experience for attendees and play as a lead measure to see the top leaderboard candidates throughout the day. These deliverables should have clear specifications that should be met by developers.

  • 5.Clarity of Data

    The challenge should be described in a clear way supported with links to any needed data and supplement materials that the solution depends on.

Applicants Selection Guidelines

  • An up-to-date CV document showing relevant learning and professional experiences with respect to the vacancy an applicant is applying for.
  • A reputable learning certificate in the technology area of the vacancy within last 3 years.
  • GitHub profile showing projects developed in the technology area of focus within last 3 years (If applicable).
  • Evidence of relevant work experience (If applicable).

Companies FAQs

  • - Is there a limit on the number of vacancies to request holding a Jobathon for?

    The challenge should The minimum for a company should be 5, and there is no upper limit, however, the number of locations selected to run the Jobathon will depend on the total required vacancies. The optimal number to hold a Jobathon is 20 vacancies.

  • - Do we need to attend physically?

    The company team will not need to attend physically. The team will join through an online mechanism to acquaint the applicants with the company and the technical challenges per each needed vacancy.

  • -What is the role of the company team during the Jobathon day?

    To present the company and the Jobathon challenge on the beginning of the day.

    To evaluate the submissions in real-time according to the challenge checkpoints to be reflected in the leaderboard.

  • - Do we have any role in the logistics of the Jobathon?

    All the logistics will be handled by TIEC and its affiliate partners operating Creativa Centers in each governorate.

  • -Do we need to present giveaways and rewards to applicants?

    To It’s recommended that the company presents some giveaways and rewards to applicants to provide a motivating and exciting experience for them

  • -What are the locations that the Jobathon can be held in?

    Creativa Centers in Mansoura, Menoufia, Ismailia, Minia, Qena, Sohag, and Aswan. As well as in TIEC and its affiliate centers in Smart Village, Borg El-Arab, and Assuit. As more centers become operational within 2022, they will be added to the list.

Applicants FAQs

  • - I’m looking for a job. What should I do?

    Stay tuned. TIEC will announce the Jobathons with a specific number of vacancies as soon as companies join this program. The invitation will be sent to the candidate profiles from our graduate’s database, and will also be circulated on our social media channels

  • -What should I do when I see a Jobathon call for a specific vacancy?

    We invite you to apply if you see that your profile perfectly fits the vacancy details in the announcement. Applying will be on a specific form that will be announced within the Jobathon call itself.

  • -How to decide if my profile perfectly fits the vacancy announced?

    You need to be sure that you have learning/professional experience in the technology area of the vacancy announced and that your years of experience do match at least the minimum years of experience needed in the job. The company and its location should be interesting for you to work in, so you should do enough research about that, knowing that most companies will be accepting remote hiring.

  • - I applied but I was not accepted to attend, why is that?

    This is because your profile was not found to be matching the needed vacancy minimum requirements.

  • -I applied and received confirmation to attend. What is next?

    You need to bring your laptop on the day of the Jobathon to the location you applied in. Please note that the Jobathon will not offer you a PC to use if you don’t bring your laptop with you

  • -I found multiple vacancies in the Jobathon call, can I apply for more than one vacancy?

    No. You are allowed only one vacancy to apply in as you will be solving only 1 Jobathon challenge related to the vacancy you applied for

  • -Will there be transportation support to the Jobathon location?

    You will be notified with such service if exists. Generally, for Creativa Centers locations within Universities premises, no transportation services are provided. For distant locations, transportation support could be available.r

  • -What other services will be there?

    TIEC will provide a lunch and a coffee break for all attendees during the Jobathon day.

  • -Will there be any rewards?

    There will be good financial rewards to top candidates depending on the number of vacancies requested. The exact amount will be announced in the Jobathon call.