Empower Egyptian Technology on the Global Stage: Participate in International Events with TIEC!


At TIEC, we are dedicated to bringing Egypt's digital sector to the international stage, giving unprecedented possibilities for startups and scale-ups to thrive. As part of our commitment to encourage tech-enabled companies, we are happy to support Egyptian startups' participation in prestigious international events, creating relationships and attracting foreign investment.

Egypt Pavilion: Showcases Innovation and Talent

Under the name of "Egypt Pavilion", ITIDA/TIEC supports a sector dedicated to Egyptian entrepreneurs, giving them a platform to showcase their inventions and connect with prospective investors and partners. These events provide a dynamic platform for our startups to take center stage, network, and explore new opportunities.

Why Participate?

Global Exposure: Present your innovations to an international audience.
Networking: entails meeting with industry leaders, potential investors, and strategic partners.
Investment Opportunities: Attract international investment to help you grow.

Key International Platforms:

Web Summit
is the world's largest technology conference.

Viva Tech
is a global gathering for entrepreneurs and leaders to collaborate.

CES (Consumer Electronics Show)
is the world's premier consumer electronics innovation showcase.

is the entrance to the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia's tech industry.

Open Call for Startups/Scale-ups

When ITIDA\TIEC displays at major international events, we announce a call for startups and scale-ups to join the "Egypt Pavilion." The selection criteria, which are adapted to the nature of each event and our participation, are publicly disclosed on TIEC social media platforms.

Stay tuned!

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for updates on forthcoming international events and open calls to participate. Be a part of the quest to catapult Egyptian technology to the global stage!

Your success story might be the next one included on the global tech map!