Innovation & Tech Intro

 "Introduction to Innovation and Technology" is a training program custom-made by TIEC Center to introduce the principles of innovation.

Innovation, entrepreneurship, and the use of technology are the main driving forces of local economic growth with a huge potential in generating diverse employment opportunities. Worldwide governments today focus on nurturing and sustaining the entrepreneurial mindset within societies and communities.

Promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the ICT sector is a core function of the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC). Capacity-building programs are an integral part of its strategic initiatives that significantly contribute to promoting the sector. These programs also educate and train students and graduates on innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship.

TIEC Center has designed the training program, an Introduction to Innovation and Technology, with the aim of : 

1Building capacities of participants from different local governorates in which CREATIVA’s centers are located
2Expanding awareness of innovative thinking and entrepreneurial concepts
3 Assisting in establishing entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems across the country
Supporting governmental efforts towards digital transformation
About the Program
"Introduction to Innovation and Technology" is a training program custom-made by TIEC Center to introduce the principles of innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship through an intensive one-day workshop implemented in CREATIVA Centers in Ismailia, Mansoura, Shebin El-Kom, Minya, Sohag, Qena, and Aswan. The program was launched in October 2020, where participants received training on:

1The basics of design thinking
2Technology and its use/application in various projects
3 Business model; the basis of any entrepreneurial project
The Introduction to Innovation and Technology training program aims to provide a base of potential innovators and entrepreneurs trained and practiced design thinking and business model design. The main objectives of the program include:

1Introduce participants to Egypt’s CREATIVA Centers and their services
2Provide background knowledge of innovation and technology
3 Provide a basic understanding of the business model

4Introduce “EgyptInnovate” platform, its benefits, and services
Why Introduction to Innovation and Technology
Help students and grads learn the principles of innovation, design thinking, technology, and entrepreneurship.
Promote innovation and self-employment as viable alternatives to traditional work after graduation.
Provide local companies with qualified employees
Build strong and interdependent community relationships.
Contribute to achieving local economic growth.

Program Benefits

The program is useful and effective as follows:

1 Develop capabilities of participants in the mentioned areas
2 Urge learners to establish new projects as they know ways of studying a potential project
3Create a talent pool for local enterprises
4 Establish communities for entrepreneurs and networks of creators and innovators
5Contribute to local/regional economic growth
Eligibility Criteria
The program targets students and graduates in the areas where CREATIVA Centers are based in the cities of Ismailia, Mansoura, Shebin El-Koum, Minya, Sohag, Qena, and Aswan, as well as those who are interested to introduce them to the principles of innovation and technology.

Requirements for Obtaining Introduction to Innovation and Technology Certificate

Commit to attending the entire training day
Complete all required activities and tasks.
Completion of the Business Model Innovation course presented on EgyptInnovate platform
Submit all required forms: Business Form and Business Model Innovation course certificate.

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