Innovation Industry 2.​0​​

TIEC Innovation Support Program for Industry

Innovation Industry 2.0 is developed to create and empower innovation culture inside Egyptian small, and micro companies.​

Innovation has long been recognized as an important driver for economic growth. However, one of the main challenges that the national ICT companies are currently facing is lack of innovation and creativity among their workspace, workforce, and also their products or services. On the other hand, the power of digital transformation is on the top priority list for all companies worldwide. Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses, from the small to the enterprise. Seeking transformation is a matter of survival that has given rise of importance of “Digital Transformation”.
Innovation tools can play a very important role in helping companies make this transformation, that makes innovation tools is an extremely essential topic for all companies to be learned and expand their usage within the company. We can use innovation and innovation tools to come up with new ideas for: a new digital product, new markets using a digital channel to launch a competitive offering, and enhance the internal processes or introduce new ones to boost the efficiency of the operation. ​

About the Program

“When companies need to change the way, they handle digital opportunities and threats, they must look at new approaches to finding the best opportunities, and adopting agile approaches for taking ideas into reality. Testing, validating, and iterating in real-world scenarios becomes a key ingredient. Innovation management programs can support this process very well, and at large scale, both with internal audiences, and external ones.” [Tim Woods. (2017), “How does innovation management help in digital transformation?”]
Innovation Industry 2.0 is an upgraded version of TIEC capacity building program for industry; InnovEgypt Industry. The program is developed to create and empower innovation culture inside Egyptian small, and micro companies as well as to build their capabilities on how to generate and implement innovative ideas for better business future.

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Program Objective

Innovation Industry 2.0 aims to create and develop the culture and the capabilities of leveraging the possibilities and opportunities of technology-enabled innovative ideas in all areas of a business, and in a way that will result in fundamental changes to how businesses operate and how value is delivered to customers. This will certainly has a great impact on the future of the company to be more profitable, more efficient, and achieve higher customer satisfaction. This in turn will positively affect the national economy. ​​

Who Can Apply

Innovation Industry 2.0 is targeting the following:

Company Profile:

Egyptian ICT or ICT enabled company (uses ICT in its main operations, or in delivering value to the customers).
Micro or Small companies (up to 50 full time employees).
Minimum of 3 years operation in the market.

Candidate profile:

Middle or Top management positions with a combined technical and business backgrounds.
Ability to attend all training days and execute all requirements (please refer to the project information file for more details). An approval by company’s CEO has to be submitted during registration. .​
Benefits and Values

What are Benefits and Values for Participated Companies?

Companies participated in Innovation Industry 2.0 will gain the following benefits and values:

1Providing a structured and scalable way for ideas to be rapidly generated, prototyped and tested inside the companies.
2Generating real and powerful solutions internally or externally that could be applied to solve any kind of challenge faced by companies.
3Capacity building for companies in the field of Innovation and Intrapreneurship for Digital Transformation.
4Creating innovation culture and creative environment within the company and introducing a new concept in technical jobs that is “Innovation Agent”.
5Enhance existing business models in companies or create new business models that are more profitable and appropriate to customers’ requirements.​

Facilities Offered by TIEC for Participated Companies:

TIEC will support all participated companies in Innovation Industry 2.0 by providing the following items:

Free consultation and close mentoring as they go through implementation phases.
TIEC innovation consultants will participate in all implementation events.
The possibility of hosting “Creative Night” implementation event at TIEC premises in Smart Village and providing free coffee break.​
Certification and Recognition

Program attendees who successfully completed the following:

Passed the 3 training modules (3 Training and 3 challenges).
Submit a report in a presentation format about the best practices, experiences and results from the application of the program within his/her company.
Submit an article on EgyptInnovate platform, demonstrating a story of what was done during implementation phases.

will get the following:

A certification of “Innovation Agent”.
“Innovation Inspiration” trophy.​
Program Timeline

Date Event
30 October 2018 Registration Starting
12 November 2018 Orientation Day
19 November 2018 Registration Deadline
22–26 November 2018 Selection and Interviews
4 December 2018 1st Training Module (Creative Night)
22-24 December 2018 2nd Training Module (Design Sprint)
20 and 23 January 2019 3rd Training Module (Business Model Redesign)
16 February 2019 Deadline for submitting all certification requirements
27 February 2019 Closing, Certification and Recognition