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Innovation and entrepreneurship turned into a key driving force of economic growth. Their immense potential generates a variety of employment opportunities. Building a shared understanding of entrepreneurial mindset within communities became a focus for governments and societies worldwide. 


One of TIEC's mandates is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the local ICT sector. Capacity builders make up part of a manifold of strategic initiatives heavily contribute to this promotion. Capacity building programs inspire, educate and train students and graduates on innovation and creativity. 


In reliance on global studies, TIEC devised InnovEgypt as energetic program to embed entrepreneurship schooling early at university and post-graduation. The program broadens government support to provide widespread education and training on innovation and entrepreneurship. InnovEgypt.

Why InnovEgypt 


InnovEgypt is a training program on innovation and entrepreneurship customized for university students and graduates. The program is an exemplary option for learners aspire to be future innovators and entrepreneurs. It seeks the ones looking forward to establishing their start-ups. InnovEgypt also looks for prospective entrepreneurs with skillsets highly required by local and multinational companies.

In response to the current pandemic, the coursework is now designed to follow the new blended learning approach; a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning experience. It ensures the maximum benefit at higher convenience to all participants, removing all location and distance barriers existed before. 

Program overview

InnovEgypt consists of three main modules:

1. Innovation and Technology Management Module trains students on the innovation process: definition, production, models, and resources. "Innovation and Tech Management" depicts innovation as the wheelhouse of businesses. Its content demonstrates how to switch your thinking and business direction into an innovative one. We assist learners through the innovation process to succeed and make sure they get the support needed. Then we link innovation to new ICT technologies. Our module trains students on how to discover, predict and use modern technology to create innovative ideas.
2.Design Thinking- the core of the program and the base on which the whole journey is built. It provides an understanding of design thinking as a human‐centered approach to innovation, and as a powerful process to creative problem solving, that can be applied to any industry to create solutions. When design-thinking approaches are applied to business, the success rate for innovation improves substantially.
3.Entrepreneurship 101 Module - uncovers the basic concepts of entrepreneurship. Meticulous instruction of the essential tools, required by potential entrepreneurs, is delivered to start up new small businesses. “Entrepreneurship 101” is a source of inspiration for students to thrive as successful entrepreneurs. This module develops entrepreneurial skills highly required by local and multinational companies. ​​​​

General Objective

InnovEgypt aims at creating a basis of qualified innovators and entrepreneurs by means of thorough training for undergraduates and graduates based on best practices, accumulated experiences and lessons learned. 

Main objectives include:

1Introduce the basic knowledge of innovation and tech management
2Enable students to generate innovative ideas using Design Thinking
3Address real challenges with a structured brainstorming technique
4Educate innovation protection by intellectual property rights and related topics [e.g. copyrights, patents, trademarks and IP exchange]
5Develop entrepreneurial skills through introducing the basic concepts of entrepreneurship.
6Apply interactive learning for using essential tools required to start up new businesses​.


The program is beneficial and effective as follow

1Develop entrepreneurial capabilities of students and grads in a range of contexts.
2Motivate learners to consider new venture creation after graduation.
3Raise awareness of intellectual assets .
4Enhance students' capacities to manage and exploit these assets.
5Offer valuable talent pool for local enterprises.
6Build communities of entrepreneurs and networks of innovators .
7Contribute to local/regional economic growth .
Who Can Apply

InnovEgypt program targets university students and grads specialized in ICT. Eligible candidates should meet the following criteria:

1Graduatesgraduates of the year 2013 and after. 
2Students finished the second, third or fourth academic year. 

Faculties and background
a. ICT-related specialties - faculties of engineering, faculties of computer and information science, computer sections at faculties of science, engineering institutes or faculties of ecommerce -  information systems, computers and AI, and industrial education.
b. non ICT-related education applicants should have received ICT training or have experience in ICT related fields.
4Good command of the English language.

5 Applicants should not have attended InnovEgypt training before.

6Participants must commit to attend real-time workshops of the entire camp program [5 days – 5 hours per day], show teamwork commitment and submit all designated assignments and tasks.

Preferred but not required:

- Actively participating in a student organization at university and/or volunteering in social support services outside university.

- Enjoy leadership skills and able to work as a team member.

- Express interest to be a technology entrepreneur.

Certification Requirements
Attend Wednesday and Thursday at Creativa / TIEC premises.
Total absence does not exceed 5 hours over the 5 days.
Submit all offline activities and assignments required.
Submit all forms required. (Feedback, project).
Pass the project pitching.

How to Apply

Students and graduates eligible to register will go through the following process:

1Use InnovEgypt 2024 form to register.
2You will be contacted via email to confirm your acceptance.
3Confirm using the link provided in the emails.
4Do not confirm unless you are sure and intend to participate as we need an actual count of attendees.
5Final list for each camp will be announced on the event page on InnovEgypt official Facebook page.
6 Please be on time!
7 TIEC rep may ask you to submit an official document proving your academic year and grade.
8 Follow our Facebook page and check your email regularly for more details and updates.


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