EgyptAppCup is a Challenge that is jointly organized by TIEC and Huawei to university students and fresh graduates in Egypt who are creative, and want to practice developing android applications. This is a platform for youth to practice and encourage innovation. We expect that it will not only bring ICT knowledge but also valuable Android developing experience to the participants. This will help them with their study as well as their future careers.​​​​


Who Can Apply
Applicants must meet the below requirements to be able to participate in this challenge:

A university undergrad or a graduate of Y2016 - Y2019
Have an Egyptian Nationality. In case of team, one member at least has to be Egyptian
Applicants are allowed to participate as individuals or as a team with max. of 3 members. It is encouraged to apply in teams, team of interdisciplinary members are welcomed as well
One applicant is limited to join only one team
The proposed application must be newly created, innovative with a viable business model. The applicant cannot enter the contest with an application that was already designated as winner in any other contest
Only one submission (project) is allowed for each applicant
It is encouraged to apply in teams, Team of interdisciplinary members are welcomed as well




Participants are required to develop a mobile based application that offer an innovative solution to one of the main challenges/pillars declared in Egypt’s 2030 vision, for more information about Egypt vision 2030 economic development pillar click here. The pillars targeted by Egypt AppCup are:

  • ch1.png


  • ch2.png


  • ch3.png


submission Guidelines

Phase 1: Registration

Apply in one of these personas’ forms: Student,IT Professional,Business Professional or Entrepreneur form
Upload any documents (Video, document, diagram,etc…) that support the idea demonstration to an accessible drive and submit the link(s) with the idea description

Phase 2: Project/App Submission

The shortlisted teams will be required to be submit:

Project/ APP introduction presentation
Demo video of the App/Project
The unique Android APK file

Phase 3 :Live Demo for Finalists

The contestants who has been qualified for the finals will demo/pitch their solutions at front of the jury in the final event.

Note: The one fails to attend the final will deemed to quit the final competition.

Evaluation criteria

Projects will be evaluated based on the following:

Degree of innovativeness and novelty of the proposed solution
Value of the idea
Impact (national/international)
Team performance

An award ceremony will be held in November 2019

The Three winning teams will be awarded a sum of 130,000 EGP in addition to Huawei mobile phones from the newest models for each team member