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​​It is a Fun, Friendly, Inspiring, Collaborative and Productive Workplace.
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TIEC is offering a free working and exchange space where technology entrepreneurs, investors, and Techstars can meet, work, learn and collaborate.
The space has been designed around the needs of start-ups, tech entrepreneurs and mobile developers. Not only you will be working from the heart of Smart Village, Egypt’s prime Technology and Business Park but also you will be surrounded by the best startups that are incubated and accelerated at TIEC ​​​



By joining TIEC Co-Working, you can benefit from the following:

Network of coworkers
High-speed Wi-Fi
Access to workshops and mentorship events taking place at TIEC premises and covering different topics such as: business modeling, strategy, finance for startups, digital marketing, how to pitch to investors, etc.
How to Apply

Eligibility Criteria
1ICT-based or ICT-related: The project must be serving any of the broad ICT categories or related to any of its vast inclusions
2Innovativeness: The project must be original, new and an advancement to any of the solutions readily-available in the marketplace or industry
3Entrepreneur-led: The project must be created, conceptualized and led by young entrepreneurs or those who have entrepreneurial traits. Undergraduates are not eligible for using the coworking space
4Who can apply: startups with 2 cofounders, however a single founder is welcome to apply in case s/he has a team with him. Moreover, the team should be dedicating their full time/efforts to lead the project and attend at least 4 days per week, the individuals must be graduates, the current students will not be considered.
5Using Information Technology as a core product or as an enabler to provide a service: the project needs to be focusing on developing a technology related product or providing a service related to any sector but through developing a tool using information technology as an enabler such as developing a mobile/web application, a platform or a software etc
Evaluation Criteria
1The uniqueness of the proposed service/product and its commercialization potential
2Clearly defined target markets preferably large markets with high growth potential
3A well-defined competitor’s analysis
4The competitive advantage of the service/ product
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