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Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) is offering professional one-on-one consultancy services for startups and companies in several business and technical fields
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About the program

Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) is offering professional one-on-one consultancy services for startups and companies in several business and technical fields, such as; Finance, digital marketing, sales, business development, marketing, intellectual property or Legal.
This service is a fully funded consultancy meetings to support entities to stand on their feet and take the lead. Top-notch consultants are available to help you develop, tackle and weave your efforts to craft your edge. ​​​

TIEC Consultancy Service Format

- The TIEC Consultancy program is based on one-on-one meetings between prominent consultants in their experience fields in both business and technical fields.
- The startups applies to the field(s) of their choice with a specific problem they are looking forward to solve.

Consultancy Fields
1Finance & Investment Preparations.
3Digital marketing.​
4Sales & business development .​
5Leadership and management.​

TIEC contracts top-notch consultants in their fields to help develop, tackle and weave your efforts to craft your edge.


Mr. Hazem El-Senoussi“Marketing”

Hazem El-Senoussi completed his business administration studies from IESE Business School University of Navarra, Spain in cooperation with Nile University and obtained his EMBA in 2009. Hazem is an accomplished senior executive who brings exceptional commercial and operational skills. Through his 18+ years of experience in the field of Marketing and Sales in MagnaBlitz, Mortimer Harvey and Vodafone Egypt, he was able to build successful winning teams across different functional areas and lead them to deliver exceptional results. During his role as Managing Director for MagnaBlitz and Mortimer Harvey, he was able to build the two businesses from scratch and deliver Marketing and Sales services to numerous businesses locally and regionally while attracting the best talents and building one of the best working environment and cultures. Moreover, during his role in consumer sales & market development he strongly contributed to transforming Vodafone Egypt from the second player to the first player in both revenue and customer numbers.

Hazem has the ability to utilize customer-centred creativity with insightful analytic and strategic skills. He is respected as a talented leader and changeagent that inspires and develops people and teams. He brings an extraordinarily rich business perspective that has experience within many functions. Functional experience includes channel marketing, sales, customer experience, strategy, engineering, IT, operations, and business development. He masters managing multinational operations in both hands-on and challenging situations and has strong passion to growing companies top and bottom line.

Scope of Work

  • Study company profile and operations to understand its marketing needs.
  • Advise on branding, positioning, communications and other marketing issues.
  • Assist the startups to clearly define and document marketing objectives and business goals.
  • Support analyzing target audiences and identify key competitors.
  • Guide the production of market researches, focus groups, surveys, phone or in-person interviews.
  • Develop communication strategies that outline competitive advantages, differentiation, and key messaging according to objectives and budget.
  • Recommend marketing or campaign initiatives and guide them document the implementation plan.
  • Assesst the startup to conduct marketing research to identify industry trends and commercial opportunities.
  • Support preparing detailed proposals and marketing plans.
  • Give direction to marketing efforts with the most effective methods and tools.
  • Monitor marketing projects and analyze results with the startup.

Mr. Mahmoud Negm “Sales & BizDev”

Mahmoud is a business professional with more than 15 years of experiences across Business and Technology functions. He has been leading teams in Strategy, Sales and Marketing within the Telecom Industry. Also, he holds considerable track record in IT Management. The diversified hands-on experiences helped Mahmoud in learning the secrets of getting things done on the ground, starting from setting the appropriate strategy, building upon the corporate ambition, going to detailing the required Marketing calendar of activities till achieving the monthly sales targets.

He is currently enrolled in the Doctorate of Business Administration program in Maastricht School of Management following his MBA from the American University in Cairo with marketing focus. His bachelor degree was in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Ain Shams University. Mahmoud also holds a diploma in Information Systems design from the IT Institute of the MCIT. Besides he is a certified project manager (PMP), certified IT service manager (ITIL), certified Sun systems administration (SCSA), Six Sigma Green Belt and an experienced part-time trainer for business classes and other soft skills. Generally, Mahmoud enjoys public speaking, building business networks and developing effective business models and presentations. He is an effective team player and trainer in many NGOs like Zedny, Alashanek Ya Balady (YLI) and TIEC. In addition, he was part of the cultural transformational project (VBO) in Vodafone facilitating different training sessions on business ethics and managerial soft skills. And in his spare time, he enjoys playing soccer, tennis, cycling, diving and reading.

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Scope of Work
  • Guide the team through the process of planning and the management of activities to support business development planning and executing.
  • Identify potential customers and markets for new business opportunities where the startup can test its service(s)/product(s) in.
  • Support the development of sales strategies.
  • Guide the startup to set sales targets and achieve them.
  • Support finding prospective customer and leads generation.
  • Support managing the sales pipeline.
Mr Mahmoud Negm
Dr Nader Ibrahim

Dr. Nader Ibrahim “Investment & Finance”

Nader Ibrahim is the CEO of EPIC Advisory, Managing Partner in Averroes Ventures and Partner in RSM – Financial Advisory, Egypt, with around 21 years of experience in the field of Finance and Investment. Moreover, he is the Financial Advisor in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center; a Subsidiary of Information Technology Development Agency, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, where he advised more than 55 start-up companies. He is also member of Investment CommitteeofMisrLifeInsuranceCompany,Egypt. In addition, he is also Lecturer of Finance and Investment at Nile University, Maastricht School of Management, Victoria University, Switzerland, ESLSCA, Arab Academy for Science & Technology, Executive Education at the American UniversityinCairo,andEgyptianPrivateEquityAssociation“EPEA”.

He holds a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration, with specialization in Finance, fromAinShamsUniversity, September 2012. HeCompletedhisMBA in Banking & Finance at the Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands in 2004. He Graduated from Faculty of Economics and Political Science, Cairo University,1997withmajorofEconomicsandPoliticalScienceminor.

Scope of Work
  • Understand startup’s needs through regular interaction and recommend financial solutions accordingly.
  • Participate with the startup in budget preparation activities.
  • Guiding the team through the process of financial analysis, reporting and management activities to support financial planning.
  • Review the accounting procedures and recommend improvements.
  • Advice and support the startup to develop and submit annual budget plan and finance plan.
  • Help creating and maintaining financial models to achieve set goals.
  • Guide and motivate finance teams to enhance productivity and revenue.
  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of financial strategies and products.
  • Help in valuing the startup and support them prepare all the needed documents and financial statements for any investment opportunity they are approaching.

Mr. Alaa Moustafa “Leadership & Management”

Alaa has 12+ years of professional experience in business management and software development. Alaa received his MBA degree in Marketing from Arab Academy for Science & Technology.

He had started his own software development company in 2007. His career path had taken him after that to be in commercial positions in the software development industry; so after getting his Executive MBA, he became a Business Development Consultant and then Sales Lead in Link development where he developed his sales and management skills.

Alaa has an extensive capability in managing teams, creating project plans, building marketing strategies and managing different programs have been his stronghold.

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Alaa Moustfa
Dr Nader Ibrahim

Mr. Yasser El Ghallab “Digital marketing Consultant”

Yasser Ghallab, a young inspiring and enthusiastic professional; fills the role of Head of Performance Channels, Delivery Hero Middle East (Otlob), and Formally B2B Product Manager at Vodafone. Yasser isn’t only responsible for Digital Marketing, Customer Value management, and Partnerships at Otlob, but he is also an international trainer who trained more than 21 nationalities from more than 4 continents.

Formally, Yasser was leading the business development department and Vodafone International services, and that was the last stop of his journey at Vodafone where he Joined in 2006 as VAS engineer, then promoted to a senior position, then decided to join the marketing team and Online Senior Team leader, and in few years he became B2B Online Products manager.

Yasser believes that people capabilities are infinite, hopes are endless and future can be shaped by youth hands, that makes him always keen to develop younger generations, by either providing them motivational and technical speeches or in his part time job as Tutor at the American University in Cairo (AUC). Even though, Yasser is a family man, Yasser believes that knowledge can only be gained by sharing, that motivated him to join multiple consultancies firms to support startups and businesses to grow; where he made consultancies for more than 30 companies; local and international.

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How to Apply

Apply in Startup form
Eligibility Criteria
You can use this service if
1You are a tech-based startup.
2Your start-up is registered (you have a commercial registration number).​
3You have a track of sales record or if you have a client base.​

Q: How many times can I use this service?

A: There is no limit to the number of times that you can use this service, as long as you fulfill the criteria of following through with implementing the solutions you agree upon with the consultants.

Q: Only one or more of the eligibility criteria applies to my team/startup, can I still apply?

A: If this is your situation, please feel free to contact Mr. Peter Thabet, please find his contact details below.

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