Breakfast with An Investor​

Have your breakfast with a prospective investor now and pitch your startup through TIEC!


It is an intimate format giving you the opportunity to pitch your startup over breakfast with a first-class investor. “Breakfast with an Investor” is a monthly event targeting currently incubated/ graduated startups in the TIEC.​


Breakfast with an Investor” seeks to connect incubated and graduated startups with (prospective) investors. The main aim for the investor is to know if and what team to continue talking with and invest in. For the startup, it is to build interest and conduct further meetings with investors, as well as listening to other startups at a similar stage. ​

Criteria for selecting startups
At least a completed minimum viable product (MVP) for a currently incubated startup and a completed product in case of the graduated one
The team should demonstrate proven commitment and show ability to pitch their startup
Startups started to gain traction are highly preferable
If the startup is graduated, it should have acquired paid customers. An incubated one should have received at least positive startup review
The startup should be ready with its financial projections, the main figures at a minimum.
Investor relevance - this will be decided based on each investor's feedback, according to the preference in the startup stage, industry the startup is active in, and investor experience in the startup's market space
Expected Outcome
The ultimate objective is, for each breakfast, to result in the initiation and closing of at least one investment deal
Raising the interest of the investor towards one or a couple of startups, which results in having the investor as a mentor for the startup (s)
Concluding any kind of cooperation such as linking the startups to potential customers/suppliers, etc​​​​