Africathon is a contest coined by TIEC, Nokia and Nokia Bell Labs calling innovators for a better life in Africa

About Africathon

Africathon is a step towards the vision of contributing and enhancing quality of life in Africa using ICT.

Africathon is brought to you by TIEC, Nokia in participation with Nokia Bell labs where all change makers are invited to compete in 4 main challenges to come up with new innovative ideas and effective solutions for a better Africa through advanced collaboration and the use of latest cutting edge communication technologies.

Africathon Goal
Africa was recently named as the most innovation-fertile regions of the world with its young population, large social disproportion and various developing countries and by supporting locals & innovators it becomes particularly powerful & attractive innovation region.

Africathon contest timeline from registration till winners announcement

Africathon Challenges
Africathon aims to upscale education in Africa through EdTech tools and apps
Start the EdTech Evolution

Across the world, millions of children are out of school. Since 2000, millions of African children have benefited from better access to education, but Africa still has 30 million children out of school. And for those in school, learning is limited because teaching can be of low quality due to limited resources.

Building on latest available telecommunication technologies deployed in Africa we are calling for innovators and visionary youth to create an interactive, scientific and fun educational experience that would

Raise the quality of existing provided education
Reach the 30 million unreached children

Make Egypt Greener

The world is moving recently towards sustainable development strategy, one of the development principles' consideration is environmental dimension. Calling governments, industries and technology leaders to focus on green environment on different domains like green cities, pollution reduction .. etc

In this round we have chosen Egypt as the focus and the host country of the event. Egypt as well has this challenge as 95% of the population living on less than 5% of the Egyptian land and relying mainly on the River Nile as the main source of water supply.

In Africathon we are looking for innovative ideas using communication technologies to help controlling Egypt's limited resources and maximizing the efficient use of various traditional and renewable resources contributing to economic growth, competitiveness, achieving social justice, and preserving the environment.


Africathon is seeking innovative ideas to help the disabled and achieve equal opportunities
Connect the Unconnected

The ‘unconnected’ is everyone who cannot connect or get full accessibility to all the surroundings life resources due to disability or aging factors.

The World Health Organization source maintains that approximately 40% of Africa’s population consists of people with disabilities, including 10%-15% of school-age children.

By using technology, you can help making disabled see, hear and move easier, also with communication technologies you can come up with ideas to enhance the elder care experience, making it smooth and easy between elder and helper.

In Africathon we are calling the Egyptian youth to come up with innovative ideas, simple, easy to use and accessible by using the common available resources helping disabled people be more independent and getting equal life opportunities to the rest of the population.

Make Africa Safer

Africa is facing many natural hazards mainly drought, flood, agricultural pests and bush fires which make it harder to be a safe place to live in.

Around 100 significant events were registered for the continent of Africa in 2018. Almost 1,200 people were killed, the majority in flood events and flash floods with overall losses are estimated at USD.1.4 billion.

In Africathon we are calling the Egyptian youth to come up with innovative ideas using the new communication technologies to monitor, respond and solve these disasters resulting in a safer and a more prosperous continent .

Africathon looks for creative solutions to control the damaging impact of disasters in Africa

Who Can Apply?

It’s time to leave your impact in people’s life; here it is a call to all the idea owners, change makers and problem solvers using communication technologies, mobile applications and wearables devices to overcome Africathon challenges to achieve better life in Africa

Egyptians between age range [ 18-28 ]
Applicants are allowed to participate as individuals or as a team with max. of 3 members
Applicants are allowed to participate as individuals or as a team with max. of 3 members, It is encouraged to apply in teams, team of interdisciplinary members are welcomed as well
One applicant is limited to join only one team
The proposed idea must be newly created, innovative with a viable business model

The applicant cannot enter the contest with an application that was already designated as winner in any other contest. Only one submission (project) is allowed for each applicant.

Apply Now​​​​​​

Evaluation Criteria
Projects will be evaluated based on the following:
Degree of innovativeness and novelty of the proposed solution
Value of the idea
Impact (national/international)
Team performance

3 Days bootcamp
Accommodation for non-Cairo residents
Transportation – Smart Village – Cairo, Down Town
Technical / Business Mentors

Four weeks Internship, Nokia Bell labs- Paris
Three months acceleration program -TIEC accelerators; Cairo, Assuit, Alex, Mansoura and Minia"

Nokia is one of the global Communication Technology leaders, we develop and deliver the industry's only End to End portfolio of network equipment, software, services and licensing.

Nokia sustainability vision remains to create the technology to connect the world, in a responsible way together Believing in Nokia impact in people's life using communication technologies we launched version one of Africathon to shape a new life in Africa.

Believing in Nokia impact in people's life using communication technologies we launched version one of Africathon to shape a new life in Africa.


Nokia Bell Labs, the industrial research division of Nokia, continues to conduct innovative and game-changing research around the big issues affecting the information and communications industry.

Using its wide-reaching expertise and collaborating with the global innovation community.