The Innovation Cluster Initiative (ICI) , by the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) from the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), is provided as an enablement factor for empowering innovation and entrepreneurship through the creation of public and private partnership (PPP).

Each cluster works in a specific and promising business/technology sector with high economic growth potential, which ICT-enabled. Each cluster carries out its activities in a geographically diverse scope, maximizing interest and maximizing impact. Each innovation cluster is considered as an engine for economic development and a cradle of creative ideas, as well as successful companies and a pioneer in job creation and collaboration.

Clusters maximize the use of available resources and exchange accumulated experience, which should have a great impact on wealth creation, equality promotion and social justice.
An Innovation Cluster is defined as a group of legal entities (cluster members), which include universities, private companies and entrepreneurship centers, among others.

A cluster must be comprised of one university at least, and cluster members collaborate within a specific work scope in a certain geographical area to offer high-value innovations to global markets.
Through the implementation of activities in support of creativity based on intensive interactions among members and their contribution to human resources, technology, facilities, knowledge and experience, and this is all reflected positively on the development of members of the consortium and its community.

The Innovation Cluster Initiative (iCi), in its first phase, aims to establish two clusters as follows:

  • Alexandria (Borg El-Arab) Innovation Cluster with a geographic scope that encompasses Alexandria, Al Beheira, and Matrouh governorates. Based in Borg El-Arab Tech Park.
  • Assuit Innovation Cluster with a geographic scope that encompasses Assuit, Minya, Suhag, Qena and Red Sea governorates. Based in New Assiut Tech Park.

  For more details please vist http://ici.eg/ ​​​