Have better access to capital, knowledge, innovation and the global market now! Get more information about the departments that make TIEC a leading center supporting startups and entrepreneurs

TIEC supports the development of technology-based startups on early and growth stages. We have a multidisciplinary team ranges from great engineers to business leaders. Our premises in Smart Village has four core departments. Every department incorporates a set of programs and initiatives custom-made to serve students, graduates, entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs. Get to know more about our main departments below!

Innovation Support

Innovation and entrepreneurship are central tenets of energetic and competing economies. Nations with dynamic innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems have a propensity to witness greater rates of productivity. Thus, economic growth increases with more robust job creation, the main pathways through which people can secure better living standards. 

For these reasons, our primary focus is upon building an entrepreneurial culture. The culture is a reflection of the values the entrepreneur brings into our communities. A basic obligation of TIEC is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Egypt’s ICT sector.


We offer a fully-fledged incubation package to ICT startups. Teams and entrepreneurs may apply to TIEC's incubation anytime over the year. Our experts assess submitted applications every quarter and send preliminary accepted teams a pitching invitation. Teams passed the “pitch phase” are incubated at one of TIEC's incubation centers for a year.​

Entrepreneurship and Business Support

TIEC enables the entrepreneurial ecosystem and creates conducive workplaces in Egypt. The Center focuses on increasing awareness of entrepreneurship within the ICT domain. The programs are launch pads that qualify tech start-up candidates for incubation. We also develop a network of stakeholders to support entrepreneurs locally, regionally and internationally. BES raises consciousness regarding the importance of IP rights and commercialization techniques.

Technology Management

Technolog​y Management manages technology labs in mobile, cloud and electronics, and provides a platform for technological innovation connecting nodes via a national ecosystem. As TIEC’s technical arm, TM defines key elements and provides role models of innovation. The department introduces eminent approaches and best practices while defining tech priorities based upon economic impacts. We organize workshops to raise public awareness and promote these technologies.