ITIDA: Students’ Entrepreneurship Training Program Sees High Turnout Despite Covid-19

26 August 2020

Cairo, August 25, 2020: The Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), affiliated to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), has opened the call for applications for InnovEgypt training program, for university students in ICT majors, who aspire to develop their innovation and entrepreneurship skills.

The program has witnessed a significant turnout, as 10K university students and newly-graduated students have already applied to receive the training.

In light of COVID-19 pandemic, TIEC’s has designed and launched a special online version of the program to enabling the students to receive the training fully online, following the new blended learning approach, since June and till the end of October.

The InnovEgypt Online program aims at building university students’ capabilities, through technical training on the fundaments of tech innovation, entrepreneurship, and ICT-based tools to develop innovative ideas to overcome societal challenges.

The program also guides students on means of idea implementation and execution and ultimately transforming these ideas into successful startups.

InnvoEgypt is tailored to inspire university students and graduates to become entrepreneurs by providing them with the core knowledge required to attain an entrepreneur mindset. Furthermore, the training provides an understanding of Design Thinking as a human‐centered approach to innovation, and a process to creative problem-solving.

The training course takes 30 hours, out of which 16 interactive hours of workshops, 4 hours per day, are delivered over 4 days. The course also offers flexible attendance, wherein the student has the freedom to choose between morning or evening training hours.

‘InnovEgypt Online’ targets university graduate of 2015 or after, and students who finished their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of study in fields related to Engineering, computer science, Computers, and Artificial Intelligence, Economics and Political Science, Commerce, Science, Applied Arts, Specific Education (Computer Department), Industrial Education.

By the course completion, trainees are to receive an accredited certificate from TIEC, in addition to an opportunity to subscribe to ‘Ideathon’ competition and receive a financial award of a total value of EGP360K.

The free-of-charge training course consists of three main modules: Innovation and Technology Management, which is considered the fundamental module of the program. Second, the Ideation Module, where the student learns how to generate ideas and create innovative solutions to current challenges. Third, the Entrepreneurship Module, which covers the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and provides detailed training on the essential tools required by potential entrepreneurs to start up their new nascent businesses.

InnovEgypt is a nation-wide program that aims at creating an Egyptian base of qualified calibers of potential innovators and entrepreneurs by providing widespread training in innovation, technology management, Design Thinking, and entrepreneurship for students based on best practices and lessons learned.