Huawei, Entlaq Holding partner to support entrepreneurial projects

25 December 2023

Huawei, a leading provider of information and communication technology solutions, has partnered with Entlaq Holding, a company that supports entrepreneurial projects, to offer opportunities for promising technology startups. Through a joint programme, startups in Entlaq Holding’s portfolio will get free access to Huawei’s latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Mohamed Ehab, CEO of Entlaq Holding, said he was pleased to work with Huawei to support startups in Entlaq Holding’s accelerator programme. He said they were keen to cooperate with Huawei on various projects related to training and data availability to boost the Egyptian entrepreneurship sector. The first batch of startups from Entlaq Holding’s accelerator programme includes 12 companies in different sectors, which contribute significantly to the sustainable development goals and Egypt’s Vision 2030. Entlaq Holding and Huawei will offer comprehensive support to startups in Entlaq Holding’s portfolio by providing cloud services and technical support.

Li Chao, Deputy Head of Development and Partnership Marketing at Huawei Cloud North Africa, said, “Small and medium-sized enterprises are vital for supporting sustainable economic development and creating many job opportunities. Huawei’s strategy is to empower entrepreneurs, improve their growth capabilities, and expand their businesses through digital technology. We give them the necessary tools and expertise to succeed in the digital age, relying on cloud services.”

Huawei also launched the “Huawei Cloud for Startups 2024” programme, which aims to accelerate the growth and development of startups in Egypt. The programme offers small and medium-sized enterprises Huawei’s cloud services, technical support, and training to enhance talent development. It also equips them with tools to foster innovation and drive business growth.

The partnership was announced during the “Huawei Cloud for Startups Summit” under the theme “Unleash the Power of Startups”. The summit was attended by Sherine Abdelkader, President of the Electronics Research Institute, Ahmed Al-Qarani, Head of the Entrepreneurship Sector at the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Sara Al-Barguqi, Head of Business Support and Entrepreneurship at ITIDA, Omar Rizk, Co-founder and General Manager of Entlaq Holding, Aya Ismail, Co-founder and Head of the Entrepreneurship Accelerator Sector at Entlaq Holding, Menna Zaghloul, Co-founder and Head of Public Relations and Partnerships at Entlaq Holding, and Mr. Jowa Ay, Director of Ecosystem Development at Huawei Global, as well as several entrepreneurs, startup owners, and business accelerators.

During her speech, Sherine Abdelkader praised the collaboration with Huawei Egypt and its provision of cloud computing services to support startups hosted by the institute. She highlighted the technological capabilities and various specialties of the institute, along with its efforts to support entrepreneurs, technology incubators, and startups through the City of Science and Technology for Electronics Research and Industry. She emphasized the diverse services provided by the city to support entrepreneurs, including technical services with over 200 specialized scientists and more than 28 labs equipped with the latest technologies. The institute also offers specialized electronics programmes, continuous workshops to develop entrepreneurial skills, and regular meetings with investors, in addition to providing office space within the scientific city.

Ahmed Al-Qarani, Head of the Entrepreneurship Sector at ITIDA, stated that the agency adopts a collaborative approach with various partners from the government and private sectors, including major international companies like Huawei. This collaboration aims to boost the growth of technology startups, exchange experiences, and provide necessary resources, contributing to the spread of the entrepreneurship culture and stimulating its growth. He highlighted the agency’s leading role in supporting entrepreneurship and startups, ensuring the integration of services and collaboration between all stakeholders to achieve a qualitative leap in the field of technological innovation.

The Huawei Cloud for Startups programme was launched in Egypt and the North Africa region in 2022. So far, it has successfully supported more than 56 startups in Egypt, Tunisia, and Morocco. Huawei dedicates its global experience and cloud innovations to drive the development of startups, supporting the innovation climate and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt and the region.

Entlaq Holding will provide lectures and consultations to startups participating in the “Huawei Cloud for Startups” programme.