Hack the Virus: A call for innovators to hack the spread of the coronavirus in Egypt

21 April 2020

Hack the virus! This online competition encourages initiatives which fight against the emerging COVID-19 virus, also called coronavirus.

UNTIL Egypt partnered with other United Nations organizations like ITU, UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF as well as the Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC), Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), Dell Technologies and Novartis.

Egyptian students, innovators, entrepreneurs and startups can take part in the digital innovation competition to develop solutions and applications that hack the spread of coronavirus in Egypt.

The competition aims at accelerating students & startups innovations and supports their proposed solutions using emerging technologies, such as AI, blockchain, cloud computing, data science, and analysis, or what is abbreviated as ABCD Technologies.

Participants will be supported in coming up with real-life solutions that can help contain the crisis facing the globe and especially Egypt.

The competition will have 2 tracks; Idea & MVP Tracks, focusing on 2 main pillars of the issue:

  1. Isolation wellbeing and stopping virus spread.
  2. Citizen - healthcare services.

Please visit the website: www.hackthevirus.eg to know more about the suggested areas that can be tackled.

Competition Timeline:

  • Submission opened from the 12th till 21st of April
  • Mentoring for the finalists: 25th till 28th of April
  • Final Pitching Day: 29th of April
  • Winners Announcement: 30th of April

Awards & Program offerings: With this initiative we declare that each and every one of us has a Social Responsibility and can make a change, so through this project, we want you to innovate and come up with ideas to have an impact and fight this global pandemic.

For further rewards, there will be offerings a total of *300,000 EGP* as cash prizes & fund to the winning ideas and projects alongside with direct enrollment to TIEC Acceleration Program, access to FabLab facilities, Consultation and Mentorship.

For the source please refer to https://until.un.org/events/hack-virus-call-innovators-hack-spread-coronavirus-egypt