InnovEgypt @ Faiyoum University (Summer 2019)

Start Date : 24/8/2019 09:00 AMzAugEnd Date : 29/8/2019 05:00 PMzAug
Location : Faiyoum University " See on Map " Category : Training
InnovEgypt Program - 6 Days Training program - is an undergraduate unique program in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship directed to university students in ICT specializations

InnovEgypt is a program that consists of 3 Main modules:

1. Innovation & Technology Management Module [2 Days]: 
This module is considered as the base on which the whole program is built upon. It gives the students a clear understanding of innovation, types, means, importance, sources, models, and how to switch thinking and business direction in to an innovative one. Plus supporting the students with the most important methods, means, tools, real life examples that will help them through the way. Then, linking innovation with new ICT technologies and how to discover, predict, and use new modern technology to create innovative ideas. 

2. Ideation Module [2 Days]:
Egypt Ideation is the first of its kind in Egypt, where student will learn how to generate ideas and to create innovative solutions to some of the greatest problems in Egypt and the world! During the module the student will learn how to become a great innovator and we will give you an important task to solve. As the world needs innovators and entrepreneurs who can create solutions for today's problems.

3. Entrepreneurship 101 Module [2 Days]: 
This module covers the basic concepts of entrepreneurship and provides detailed training on the essential tools required by potential entrepreneurs to start up their new small businesses and inspire students to become .

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