TIECnovation Talk - Visualizing Insights The Art and Science of Data Visualization

Start Date : 28/5/2024 03:00 PMzMayEnd Date : 28/5/2024 05:00 PMzMay
Location : Sultan Hussein Kamal Palace - IHub " See on Map " Category : Conference

TIECnovation is a program that aims to promote technology innovation and foster entrepreneurship.The program consists of a series of bi-weekly talks covering various technology topics from several aspects and real-life business cases that use this technology.

This time the talk will be on "Visualizing Insights: The Art and Science of Data Visualization".

The art of data visualization involves using visual elements like charts, graphs, and infographics to effectively communicate insights and tell stories with data. Good data viz leverages design principles around color, layout, typography, and more to create visuals that are not just informative, but also aesthetically pleasing and engaging.

The science behind it draws from fields like cognitive psychology, human-computer interaction, and information theory. Researchers study how people perceive and process visual information, what makes visualizations easy to understand, and how to minimize cognitive load. Techniques like color theory, gestalt principles, and perceptual mapping are grounded in empirical research.

 Eng. Ahmed ElGarem, Data Science Manager

Synapse Analytics

Entrepreneurs, professionals, university students, and fresh graduates.


The Talk (1 Hour).
Across-hub Q&A Session (30 min).
Discussion and networking with Local Moderator in each center (30 min).