InnovEgypt Summer 2022 14th week

Start Date : 19/10/2022 03:00 PMzOctEnd Date : 24/10/2022 08:00 PMzOct
Location : Aswan - Qena - Sohag - Assiut - Menia " See on Map " Category : Training
InnovEgypt is a training program on innovation and entrepreneurship customized for university students and graduates. The program is an exemplary option for learners aspire to be future innovators and entrepreneurs. It seeks the ones looking forward to establishing their start-ups. InnovEgypt also looks for prospective entrepreneurs with skillsets highly required by local and multinational companies.

InnovEgypt is a program that consists of 3 Main modules:

1. Innovation & Technology Management Module  
Innovation and Technology Management Module trains students on the innovation process: definition, production, models, and resources. "Innovation and Tech Management" depicts innovation as the wheelhouse of businesses. Its content demonstrates how to switch your thinking and business direction into an innovative one. We assist learners through the innovation process to succeed and make sure they get the support needed. Then we link innovation to new ICT technologies. Our module trains students on how to discover, predict and use modern technology to create innovative ideas.

2. Design Thinking Module:
Design Thinking is the core of the program and the base on which the whole journey is built. It provides an understanding of design thinking as a human‐centered approach to innovation, and as a powerful process to creative problem solving, that can be applied to any industry to create solutions. When design-thinking approaches are applied to business, the success rate for innovation improves substantially.

3. Entrepreneurship 101 Module : 
Entrepreneurship 101 Module - uncovers the basic concepts of entrepreneurship. Meticulous instruction of the essential tools, required by potential entrepreneurs, is delivered to start up new small businesses. “Entrepreneurship 101” is a source of inspiration for students to thrive as successful entrepreneurs. This module develops entrepreneurial skills highly required by local and multinational companies.

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