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Jan 02


Apr 05
EgyptInnovate Wins ITU Innovation Challenge for Ecosystem Best Practice

The online innovation hub for Egypt, "EgyptInnovate" platform has won the ITU Innovation Challenges 2020, in the "Ecosystem Best Practice Challenge" category.

The platform is part of Egypt's Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) innovation support strategy where it's managed by the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) through the Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC).

The platform's winning reflects the effective tools it provides for promoting innovation, learning, and availing networking opportunities to innovators and entrepreneurs, through a digital platform supported in both Arabic and English. It also provides an interactive map that embraces the key players in the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt.

Projects from 26 countries, including Egypt, applied for the competition, where entrepreneurs, innovators, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) owners, policymakers, and ecosystem builders competed.

The ITU Innovation Challenges 2020 is a global open competition platform for innovators and ecosystem builders to present their ideas and projects, empowering them to transform their communities into thriving digital societies. The table below provides the details of the overall challenge timeline.

The competition comprised three categories: Digital Change-maker Challenge, for innovators with ideas that create a digital impact in their communities; Ecosystem Best Practice Challenge, for ecosystem builders with good practices that nurture an enabling environment for innovators in their communities; and Women in Technology Challenge, for individual women tech innovators and eligible startups with digital projects that create impact for women in their communities. 

The overall theme of this year's challenges was "Rethinking the digital economy's value chains during the Covid-19 pandemic." The theme reflects the dire need for the digital transformation, more than ever before, to help global decision-makers and innovators build a digital economy and maintain economic stability for their societies. It also provides an opportunity for innovators and ecosystem builders to present their ideas and projects and enables them to transform their societies into thriving digital ones. 

The challenge winners are qualified to join the virtual ITU Global Innovation Forum, in October, where they will participate in capacity building workshops, pitch their proposals to a global audience of experts, and network with decision-makers.

According to the GSER 2020 report, Cairo provides a perfect testbed for innovation and an attractive market for scalability. Egypt has seen a surge in technology innovation support programs and movements by the public and private entities that triggered an entrepreneurship boom and led startups business to thrive. 

EgyptInnovate platform aims at exposing Egypt's innovators locally and globally, connecting nodes and building collaborative communities of Egypt's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Besides, it aims at educating innovators, startups, and businesses about technology and innovation management.

The platform was built on open-source software, enabling free access to all its data. The number of registered users on the digital platform this year exceeded 50,000, and the number of registered entities on Egypt Innovation Map reached over 1,000 organizations, agencies, and startups.