Startup Talk - July

23 June 2024

A new opportunity to meet with a distinguished and successful entrepreneur who is expanding into new markets. Our next session of Startup Talk will feature Engineer/ Ahmed Abdeen, the co-founder and CEO of ElGameya - الجمعية.

During this open meeting, you will have the chance to listen to the success story of ElGameya and open the floor for direct questions from participants across all governorates during the live broadcast at various locations of Egypt's Digital Innovation Centers, Kraytiva.

Prepare yourself and gather your questions to receive direct responses exclusively from Engineer Ahmed in this engaging session. It is a valuable occasion to gain insights from an accomplished entrepreneur who has navigated the challenges of business growth with remarkable success.

About Startup Talks

A series of meetings and speeches with a group of successful business owners and founders of promising startups are presented as part of InnovEgypt program, The graduates of the program are encouraged and given the inspiration they need at these monthly meetings, which are a crucial first step toward their success.

For more information and registration, you can visit the program page

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