1 April 2021

​​​​​​We have the pleasure to announce the accepted FinTech startups in ITIDA Visa Mentorship Program:

  • Kashati Limited
  • Fawaterak
  • Amwal
  • eddyPay
  • Qasatly
  • Bona Invest
  • Talents Arena
  • Dayra
  • ElGameya

ITIDA and Visa are cooperating to support the Egyptian Fintech startups and entrepreneurs through providing a full-fledged package of benefits and services for one year.

It is a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs and startups that deploying innovative solutions in Financial Inclusion, Digital Payments, Insurance, Merchant Acceptances, Merchant payments, Settlements, Asset Management, Mobile Solutions, P2P, Micro Finance, Promotions, Security, Authentication, Supporting Women in business, and other Fintech related solution to join the program.

For more information about ITIDA Visa Mentorship Program, please visit the program page.

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