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IbTIECar2016 : Registration Form

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1- IbTIECar2016 Competition Conditions

  • Only Students involved in graduation projects during academic year 2015/2016 in the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computers and Information, Faculty of Science and any other related ICT departments in the other faculties can apply for the competitions.
  • The competition is open for all public and private university and institutes.
  • Students apply in teams, and in no more than one track.

Get ready Now... You have to prepare your answers to following questions before starting registration:
  • Problem Statement: What is the problem being addressed by your project?
  • What is your project deliverables / expected outcomes?
  • What new/innovative ideas does your solution include?
  • Describe how you create value for your customers, What is better in your solution? What is the technical or economic value the solution brings? (Why will customers buy it?)
  • Who are the potential customers /beneficiaries of your project? (Who will buy it?)
  • What do you intend to do with your graduation project? (Start a private business, sell it to a company as an IP, continue development the idea within a company and/or publish it as a scientific paper ... Please clarify showing reasons for your choice)


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Wishing for Innovation isn’t Enough
Innovation is increasingly viewed as critical to sustaining a competitive advantage in the changing global marketplace.
Many people indicate that their innovation efforts are lacking. What gives?

Source :http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228516
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