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TIEC in Numbers

  • Individuals Trained
    7397 Trainees The number of individuals who participated in any of innovation/ entrepreneurship related training programs managed/executed or facilitated by TIEC. They might be students, graduates, potential entrepreneurs, or employees.

  • Ideas Generated
    2138 Ideas The total number of ideas/ solutions developed by individuals/teams and submitted to TIEC as a result of certain activity/program managed, executed or facilitated by TIEC. (hackathons , InnovEgypt, Ideation camps, Mal competition, GE competition, hayiy, IOT league).

  • Entrepreneurs Supported
    1896 Entrepreneurs The total number of potential entrepreneurs who already have ideas and supported by any of TIEC services to grow their ideas across the value chain.

  • Startups Supported
    194 Startups The total number of startups that received any kind of support (financial/ in-kind) through one of TIEC programs. this includes graduated and currently incubated startups, and those who received consultation services, FABCAT, EDAS.

  • Jobs Created
    450 Jobs The total number of job opportunities created by currently incubated or graduated startups.

  • Startups Established
    57 Startups The number of newly startups established as a result of participating in TIEC’s programs

  • Finance Accessed
    31.341 M Finance accessed through Investments, grants, and awards facilitated by TIEC.

  • Ecosystem engagement
    50 entities / 465 Individuals The number of entities or individuals that were mutually collaborating with TIEC to execute a certain innovation or entrepreneurship related activities.

Measuring Progress


Incubated Companies

# of jobs created in incubated companies
Coworking Space

Enterpreneurship and Business Support

# of Supported Entrepreneurs
# of Startups got Consultancy Service

Individual Capacity Building

# of Trained Individuals

Electronics Industry Support

# of Fabricated Projects
Electronic Design Automation Support
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Wishing for Innovation isn’t Enough
Innovation is increasingly viewed as critical to sustaining a competitive advantage in the changing global marketplace.
Many people indicate that their innovation efforts are lacking. What gives?

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