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TIEC in Numbers

  • Individuals Trained
    8563 Trainees The number of individuals who participated in any of innovation/ entrepreneurship related training programs managed/executed or facilitated by TIEC. They might be students, graduates, potential entrepreneurs, or employees.

  • Ideas Generated
    2138 Ideas The total number of ideas/ solutions developed by individuals/teams and submitted to TIEC as a result of certain activity/program managed, executed or facilitated by TIEC. (hackathons , InnovEgypt, Ideation camps, Mal competition, GE competition, hayiy, IOT league).

  • Entrepreneurs Supported
    2340 Entrepreneurs The total number of potential entrepreneurs who already have ideas and supported by any of TIEC services to grow their ideas across the value chain.

  • Startups Supported
    219 Startups The total number of startups that received any kind of support (financial/ in-kind) through one of TIEC programs. this includes graduated and currently incubated startups, and those who received consultation services, FABCAT, EDAS.

  • Jobs Created
    450 Jobs The total number of job opportunities created by currently incubated or graduated startups.

  • Startups Established
    57 Startups The number of newly startups established as a result of participating in TIEC’s programs

  • Finance Accessed
    31.341 M Finance accessed through Investments, grants, and awards facilitated by TIEC.

  • Ecosystem engagement
    50 entities / 465 Individuals The number of entities or individuals that were mutually collaborating with TIEC to execute a certain innovation or entrepreneurship related activities.

Measuring Progress


Incubated Companies

# of jobs created in incubated companies
Coworking Space

Enterpreneurship and Business Support

# of Supported Entrepreneurs
# of Startups got Consultancy Service

Individual Capacity Building

# of Trained Individuals

Electronics Industry Support

# of Fabricated Projects
Electronic Design Automation Support
icon Tip of the week
Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
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