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 TIEC Core Values 

Our Core Values are based on We are Innovation Drivers

We inspire, innovate, impact to make a new culture of business using technology and leading our community forward . We will guide people to be Innovative Entrepreneurs.

Integrity : We are honest, responsible , demonstrate trust in our stakeholders.

Commitment : We are committed to develop our community making it innovative and owning sense of entrepreneurship.

Efficiency : We are efficient in everything we do.

Quality : We seek to provide best practices ; the quality of our services & initiatives to surpass our stakeholders expectations.

Empowerment : We empower our employees as they are the owners; they work passionately ,are involved to contribute in achieving our objectives.

Team Spirit: We are one team working together decently, respect one another, share our knowledge ,experiences and social life.

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Wishing for Innovation isn’t Enough
Innovation is increasingly viewed as critical to sustaining a competitive advantage in the changing global marketplace.
Many people indicate that their innovation efforts are lacking. What gives?

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