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 HR Corner 

Our approach in operating depends on empowering, engaging and utilizing the talents of our employees

§  Recruit and hire employees who have potential, are creative, team players and customer oriented.

§  Retain our current employees through empowerment, motivation and work life balance.

§  Implement our own internal policies and regulations ; aligning them with our strategy and core values.

§  Develop knowledge, competencies and skills to face challenges of the information era.

§  Explore talents and manage careers for better employment status achieving self actualization in line with TIEC objectives.

§  Develop a well established Performasdfgnce Management System that is aligned with TIEC strategy to help employees achieve business and personal objectives.

§  Maintain understanding and knowledge of TIEC objectives and activities to support awareness of employees' role in achieving objectives

§  Create a healthy atmosphere of team work and social relations increasing motivation by making everyone attached to our internal culture

§  Ensure to solve work problems, resolve conflicts and sesdfgsdfgsdfgek for family business atmosphere and guarantee equal employee opportunity concept


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Wishing for Innovation isn’t Enough
Innovation is increasingly viewed as critical to sustaining a competitive advantage in the changing global marketplace.
Many people indicate that their innovation efforts are lacking. What gives?

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