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IbTIECar 2014
IbTIECar2014 : Registration Form

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1- IbTIECar2014 Competition Conditions

  • Only Students involved in graduation projects during academic year 2013 in the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Computers and Information, Faculty of Science and any other related ICT departments in the other faculties can apply for the competitions.
  • The competition is open for all public and private university and institutes.
  • Students apply in teams, and in no more than one track.

Get ready Now... You have to prepare your answers to following questions before starting registration:
  • Problem Statement: What is the problem being addressed by your project?
  • What is your project deliverables / expected outcomes?
  • What new/innovative ideas does your solution include?
  • Describe how you create value for your customers, What is better in your solution? What is the technical or economic value the solution brings? (Why will customers buy it?)
  • Who are the potential customers /beneficiaries of your project? (Who will buy it?)
  • What do you intend to do with your graduation project? (Start a private business, sell it to a company as an IP, continue development the idea within a company and/or publish it as a scientific paper ... Please clarify showing reasons for your choice)


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