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Investment & Finance

The Investment & Finance department will be responsible to engage and manage relationships with the venture capitals community domestically and internationally with TIEC. Influence decision makers at targeted VC towards utilizing the startups companies in the ICT industry. Connect with International Governments who have created successful VCs models to capture the best practices to implement it within TIEC in Egypt. Work closely with the TIEC sales team to drive the day-to-day interactions with the portfolio companies in order to uncover and develop business opportunities.

1. Venture Capital

Roles & Responsibilities:
  1. Work closely with Venture Capital industry and financial institutions on behalf of TIEC to create agreements to raise funds for the entrepreneurs’ startups.
  2. Create an attractive scheme of matching public-private partnerships (PPPs) funding that deliberately sponsors high-risk projects. Whereby the government acts as a seed investor in one or more private venture capital funds that are obliged to raise private funds as well, and are free to operate as a private institution, only ensuring that the government is paid back from the successful outcomes of fund investments.
  3. Start a community of local business angels and sources of venture capital focused on specific clusters.
  4. Work with Consultants to create strategy for creating VC within TIEC.
  5. Provide best practices that were implemented internationally.
  6. Engage VCs with portfolio companies that have infrastructure needs, and drive engagements with those VCs.
  7. Handle a high volume of engagements that include industry events, technology briefings, and custom sponsored VC events that drive net new portfolio company logos semiannually.
  8. Maintains and deepens relationships with current and future funders, including government agencies.
  9. Develop and implement a successful, diverse fundraising strategy that increases support from foundations, corporate sponsors and donors, and individuals. Increase investment funds to bridge the funding gap along the innovation process.
  10. Analyze and report on the prospects for such funds, and how to best attract the necessary capital and people to augment the current situation.
  11. Target venture capital arms of existing global firms in Egypt to invest in early stage local ventures.
  12. Enable platforms to bring together diverse groups (entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, academics, etc) to discuss and catalyze entrepreneurial activities.
  13. Provide vehicles for Egyptian citizens to invest in innovative ICT SMEs.
  14. Target Arab/regional sovereign wealth funds to invest in Arabic/regional content and specific solutions.
  15. Prepare and give business reviews to the senior management team regarding progress and roadblocks to establishing new VC engagement each quarter.

2. International Universities & Colleges

Roles & Responsibilities:
  1. Establish relationships and partnership agreements with the top 25 entrepreneurship and innovation Universities in North America like George Washington, University of South Florida, Stanford University, Columbia University, etc.
  2. Develop portals with these target universities to be accessed to TIEC’s entrepreneurs and graduate students.
  3. Create one Exchange programs with one of these universities to host Egyptian entrepreneurs at their campuses. Add the exchange programs as needed.

3. Expatriates

Roles & Responsibilities:
  1. Create database for Expatriates who work in R&D labs in MNCs & Universities, Venture Capitals, and Technology Parks.
  2. Engage Expats with Incubators and startups individuals to mentor them and provide network channels with international investors and MNCs.
  3. Plan yearly events for Egyptian Expats who work in this arena to network closely with the entrepreneur industry.

4. Multinational Companies

Roles & Responsibilities:
  1. Plan knock door missions in MNCs markets.
  2. Increase local firms’ ability to absorb superior technology from MNCs and foster strategic alliances, as well as encourage MNCs to transfer more valuable technologies to its subsidiaries.
  3. Follow a cluster approach in attracting FDI.
  4. Drive FDI policies by providing incentives that are earned over time.
  5. Leverage Egyptian Expatriates working in senior positions in MNCs to attract those MNCs to Egypt, like the successful experience of Ireland and India.
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Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.
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