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Innovation has long been recognized as an important driver for economic growth. Most empirical researches and surveys of firms show that innovation leads to new products and services that are higher in quality and lower in price. Measuring innovation is an important issue, as business growth and profitability in the knowledge age depend on innovation. Continuous acceleration in innovation process will sustain revenue growth, which will then fuel more innovation, Therefore sustainable growth requires sustainable innovation, which requires that innovation process be institutionalized and its output made predictable.

Part of TIEC’s role is to assist SMEs to develop their innovation management capabilities in order to increase their competitiveness and grow more effectively. The first step in any process development starts by assessing the current process; therefore, TIEC is glad to announce a new service for Innovation Management Assessment using European approach that was jointly developed by A.T. Kearney, Fraunhofer and the European Commission; that is “IMP3rove Assessment” approach.

The IMP3rove approach offers SMEs the possibility to evaluate their levels of innovation performance and benchmark themselves against the best in industry, size, age and region or against leading innovators across Europe, Middle East and other areas in the world.

1. What is innovation management assessment?
The innovation assessment of an SME is a process through which the competitiveness and sustainable growth of it is measured. The big benefits emerge when SMEs are able to objectively compare their business against others and identify areas for improvement in their innovation management capabilities that effectively become an action plans to grow more effectively in the future.

2. Why innovation management assessment is important?
Innovation assessment has many advantages, this would include but not limited to the following:
  • Pinpointing to SMEs’ areas of innovation weakness that require special training.
  • Allowing the standards to be established against which to assess innovation capabilities amongst medium and large ICT firms.
  • Allowing the innovation indices for the ICT sector to be developed, which consequently would provide pointers to effective policy decisions.
  • Enabling and identification of firms that are highly innovative in order to provide additional training, incentives and recognition.

3. What are the benefits for SMEs?
With the IMP3rove Assessment, growth by innovation management is systematically assessed along all dimensions of the “A.T. Kearney House of Innovation”. It measures the performance of the key factors for successful innovation management. SMEs will receive the following benefits from the innovation management Assessment Service:
  • Transparency of your competitive position.
  • Transparency of the impact of innovation management on your SME’s business performance.
  • Identified areas for improving your innovation management performance and competitiveness.
  • Well structured assessment of the competitiveness and innovation management performance for continuous improvement.
  • Insights into the competitive situation of the targeted markets.
  • Well-structured documentation of innovation management performance that can be shared within the organization thus boosting innovation.
  • Access to trained innovation management consultants and support providers.
  • Actionable roadmap to improve the innovation management capabilities and increase competitiveness.
IMP3rove assessment report as differentiator when applying for funding or in competitive bidding processes

About Assessment Approach

IMP3rove (www.improve-innovation.eu) takes a holistic approach to the assessment of innovation management as a key driver for competitiveness. Almost 3800 enterprises have benefited already from the IMP3rove Assessment. IMP3rove integrates the online assessment, the benchmarking, consulting services and continuous improvement of the SME’s innovation management.

IMP3rove offers three types of innovation management assessments: The IMP3rove Assessment, the IMP3rove root/cause analysis and the sustainability-driven innovation management analysis. Thanks to high quality benchmarking the benchmarking reports provide valuable insights into the SME’s competitiveness, strengths and weaknesses in leveraging innovation management for sustainable growth.

With IMP3rove, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have the valuable chance to benchmark their own innovation management performance against other companies from the same industry sector, country, size and age. Benchmarking offers a sound basis for effective support by an innovation management support provider. It leads to solid and sustainable SME development.

How it works?

The IMP3rove assessment measures the performance of key indicators for successful innovation management along the 5 dimensions of the “A.T. Kearney House of Innovation”. The dimensions are: Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organization and Culture, Innovation Life Cycle Processes, Enabling Factors and Innovation Results.

A comprehensive IMP3rove Assessment report compares your SME with the growth champions and with the average ones as well. Depending on the geographic scope you can compare your SME with your competitors in your domestic market or with (potential) competitors in international markets.

Source: https://www.improve-innovation.eu/home/imp³rove-assessment             

You can select the companies against whom you would like to benchmark yourself, Select the country, the industry sector, the size class and the age class of those companies that you think are your major competitors.

How to apply

The application process is an online process. The eligible SME should meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed to work for the last 3 years.
  • Number of employees exceeds 15 employees.
  • The Capital of the SME preferably exceeds 500K LE.

For the SMEs that are eligible for the service, apply here

Fees are free for a limited time

The Assessment Process Step-by-Step

  1. The SME apply for the service.
  2. TIEC – Innovation Support (IS) Department reviews the application and confirm acceptance via e-mail.
  3. A certified IMP3rove guide from TIEC will be assigned to the SME to conduct the Assisted Assessment Consulting Workshop.
  4. The IMP3rove guide will invite the SME to register in the IMP3rove platform.
  5. The IMP3rove guide will contact the SME to schedule a visit and send him an email with the required documents that should be prepared by the SME before the visit.
  6. The SME confirms the visit date and time and assign a contact person who will be responsible for performing the assessment with the assistance of TIEC Guide.
  7. The SME representative request an assisted report which will take around 1 hour to be generated and sent to the SME.
  8. After the visit, the SME representative sends the generated report to TIEC consultant.
  9. TIEC consultant will deeply investigate the report and prepares a set of recommendations for improving innovation management process in the SME and will be presented to it in another visit.

What will you get?

  • Professional support by certified consultants to complete the whole assessment process.
  • 100 page IMP3rove Assessment report to demonstrate your performance against the industry average, and growth champions.
  • A consulting workshop to demonstrate the assessment results and providing an outlook on the best steps.


Why should I use IMP3rove?

IMP3rove is an approach with an integrated online assessment to quickly and confidentially determine where a company stands in terms of its competitiveness, sustainable growth and Innovation Management. The IMP3rove Assessment provides the answers to the following questions: Does the company’s innovation strategy, organisation, culture, life cycle management or enabling factors facilitate the innovation? Which areas should be reviewed? What are the company’s strengths and weaknesses? The IMP3rove Assessment effectively analyses all these aspects.

Why should I use consulting support after the IMP3rove Assessment?

The IMP3rove Assessment provides transparency on the company’s competitiveness and Innovation Management performance. In most cases, companies will need guidance in implementing the required improvements. Consultants or Innovation Management support providers can help develop a customised roadmap to meet the company’s needs and support the appetite for change based on an objective interpretation of results from the IMP3rove Assessment.
The Innovation Management consultancy approach is a proven methodology. it is designed for adding value by concrete suggestions for continuous improvement and for tangible business results.

What makes this consulting method and online assessment better than the others? Why are they suitable for my needs?

The IMP3rove Innovation Management consulting approach and tools developed by IMP3rove are holistic and integrated; are truly European in scope and take the industry context into account; are based on the experience with almost 3800 SMEs Innovation Management. IMP3rove has the largest and most up-to-date database in Europe.

How can the online assessment claim to be applicable to all industries and to all company sizes?

Although the questions related to Innovation Management are the same, the benchmarking is executed by the industry sector.

How do you know which of the consultants or intermediaries listed will provide the best service?

The level of proficiency in Innovation Management and in the IMP3rove Approach are provided for each of the consultants and intermediaries. The level of proficiency goes from IMP3rove Guide, IMP3rove Expert Level I, IMP3rove Expert Level II up to IMP3rove Auditor. Each IMP3rove partner has completed at least one IMP3rove Assessment with a SME. The number of completed IMP3rove Assessments is provided in the profile of the IMP3rove partner. As with choosing any other supplier, you should not hesitate in asking the consultant about their experience, their fees, references and success stories. Based on the reputation of the organisations listed, the pricing structure they apply to their services, and the guarantees that they provide, you can decide for yourself which intermediary or consultant is most suited to your requirements

How can I benefit from this system without going through a time-consuming procedure?

The IMP3rove Assessment is a well-structured path to increased competitiveness and Innovation Management performance. Filling in the “IMP3rove Assessment” only takes two to three hours. However you can interrupt the assessment at anytime and resume later. Once you have completed the IMP3rove Assessment, you can select the sample against which you would like to benchmark your company and request the IMP3rove Assessment report. Shortly after that (no more than 30 minutes) you can download the IMP3rove Assessment report with the benchmarking results. Within less than half a day you have analysed your company’s Innovation Management performance and benchmarked against the competitors. For the level of detail and the structured presentation of the results you normally would need several days to gain the same insight. If you wish personal assistance during the IMP3rove Assessment you can select and contact an IMP3rove Consultant. Complementing the insights from the IMP3rove Assessment you can complete the “Root/Cause Analysis”. It offers additional insights and benchmarks. This assessment will probably take about two hours. The IMP3rove Root/Cause Analysis report can be generated and downloaded the same way as the IMP3rove Assessment report.

How can I get a feedback on the questions?

In the IMP3rove Assessment report and the IMP3rove Root/Cause Analysis report the results of the benchmarking are graphical visualized including a brief text description of how the results should be interpreted. If the company has selected an Innovation Management expert (certified IMP3rove Consultant) for follow-up services, the consultant will contact the company. The consultant will be informed via the IMP3rove platform that the company has completed an assessment. However, the consultant will have no access to the IMP3rove benchmarking reports.

Does using the IMP3rove system cost anything?

Using the online assessment questionnaire is free of charge. The report is also issued free of charge. For the follow-up services provided by Innovation Management professionals, the charges have to be negotiated with the consultant individually.

If innovative products are not produced by a company, is the tool still worthwhile for them?

The IMP3rove Approach is best used by innovative companies. However, other companies benefit from the IMP3rove Approach by understanding of the gap with their innovative competitors and of their own competitive position. By filling in the questionnaires and discussing the applicable answers the SMEs will learn about improving their Innovation Management performance and competitiveness. For those who do not consider themselves innovative, filling out the questionnaire is likely to be a source and stimulation for new ideas. Often companies which do not consider themselves innovative are innovative indeed in terms of innovative new processes or organisational structures. The online assessment also supports these companies.

If a company is very small, is a similar exercise useful for them?

The IMP3rove Approach is designed for companies with more than 5 employees. The larger the company, the more important systematic Innovation Management is for sustainable growth and competitiveness.

How do Innovation Management services increase the development of my business and its reputation?

SMEs will receive the following benefits from the Innovation Management consultancy service: an as-is analysis of the Innovation Management’s contribution of the company’s growth and competitiveness; recommendations and action plans; assistance with implementing the improvement measures, including checklists, tools and monitoring of the implementation success; a report on long-term impact of the changes implemented; and access to the network of the service provider, which may include SME clusters, co-operation networks, or sources of financing. These benefits can provide a positive contribution to a company’s Innovation Management performance, and therefore its bottom line.

How secure are my personal and company data? How will confidentiality be respected?

Customer protection is our utmost concern. All personal and company data will be treated highly confidential and kept inaccessible for any third party. The company may keep in private some critical parts of the report. When we process the personal data and company data that is collected during your visits to the www.improve-innovation.eu website, we always observe the rules laid down in the applicable data protection laws. All results are aggregated figures without mentioning the companies’ names. We use secure servers. Your data will not be disclosed publicly by us, nor transferred to any third parties without your prior consent.

What do I need to prepare for the IMP3rove Assessment?

You will find a detailed English checklist here. German checklist is available here. French checklist coming soon

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