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The Process
Accelerated Startups

Think What you have to be in Accecelrator?Get started right away!

TEA provides a set of well-formulated topics covering the aspects of turning ideas into strong business plans; going through legalities, financials, marketing, operations management, branding and writing business plans.

TEA runs twice a year , each round for 12 weeks, in the following premises:

  • TIEC Premises (Smart Village, Cairo).
  • Alexandria University (Alexandria).
  • Mansoura University (Mansoura).
  • Assiut University (Assiut).

TIEC is also planning for more geographical expansion.

Topics covered
  • Business Model Generation.
  • Market Analysis and Market Entry Strategies.
  • Operations and Innovation Management.
  • Marketing Strategies Development (Attracting Venture Capitals and Crowd Funding).
  • Product Development (Minimal Viable Product (MVP) to Lean Startup).
  • Budget Planning and Operations Management.
  • Financial Management.
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Wishing for Innovation isn’t Enough
Innovation is increasingly viewed as critical to sustaining a competitive advantage in the changing global marketplace.
Many people indicate that their innovation efforts are lacking. What gives?

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