The program aims to recognize innovation efforts, and hence fostering innovation culture in the coming generations.
The top 3 winning teams for each technology track will be awarded ​
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IbTIECar is TIEC’s graduation projects competition launched yearly in cooperation with different multinational corporations and MCIT’s affiliated organizations. Targeting undergraduates of ICT universities in their final year [senior students], IbTIECar recognizes this year’s outstanding graduation projects.

The competition began, in 2012, to uncover talented youngsters and fresh ideas, products, or services. TIEC recognizes and circulates IbTIECar notable senior projects within the ICT community. In May 2019, we are launching the eighth round of IbTIECar.

IbTIECar ​​

The purpose of this award is to:

1Discover and connect young talents and innovative ideas to the industry
2Entice graduates to develop new solutions in line with technology trends
3Recognize creativeness efforts and foster innovation culture for coming generations
Support invention, development, and commercialization​


  • Priority to join TIEC Business Accelerator when applied
  • Certificate of acknowledgment for each team member
  • Dissemination of winning projects across relevant industries and academic entities
Competition Timetable
Who Can Apply

Students enrolled in ICT universities, plan their 2019 graduation projects. This includes, but not limited to the following educational entities:

1Faculties of engineering
2Faculties of computer science
3Faculties of science
Faculties of commerce, information systems
Technical institutions
How to Apply

The typical application process will be as follow:

  1. • Sign in to apply or sign up if you do not already have a TIEC account
  2. • Fill in IbTIECar online registration form
  3. • Choose your technology track: embedded systems, mobile applications, IOT & wearables, emerging technologies, communication, IC design, AI & federated machine learning, and machine learning for NLP & speech processing
  4. • Once TIEC receives applications, initial screening starts
  5. • Initially accepted applications receive emails with submission guidelines
  6. • IbTIECar well-chosen judges, from academia and industry, score the submitted projects
  7. • TIEC calculates all projects average score to announce top 5 projects for each single track
  8. • Every track’s top projects are invited to pitch their submitted projects before a decision review board
  9. • Based on a scoring sheet, the review board chooses the top 3 of every track
  10. • On the ceremony day, the top prizes holders are defined and recognized
  11. • Winning project are granted their financial awards and circulated in TIEC’s network


Evaluation Criteria

In​The top three winning teams in each track will be chosen as per the following criteria:

1Innovation (Novelty of application, algorithm, architecture)
2Customer Value
3Market Segment ( low/medium/high)
4Impact ( Micro and Macro level)
5Project methodology
6Quality Assurance
10Commercial Potential​



​We open a call to receive judges’ applications every year. IbTIECar competition has multiple phases requiring an array of assessors and appraisers. 

Our judges always include a blend featuring academia and industry. TIEC receives, sorts and decides on judges applications to deliver consistently trusted resulted. 

University teachers, industrial scientists, governmental bodies reps, private sector, scientific societies/research centers members and engineers can apply to be IbTIECar judges.

If you want to apply as a judge, you should:

Hold a Ph.D. or equivalent in topics related to IbTIECar tracks, or
Have a Master’s degree or BSc with professional experience of not less than 6 years in topics relevant to the competition tracks​​​​​
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