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Who Can Participate ?

- Senior university students (3rd and 4th year students).
- Graduates of related schools.
- Young entrepreneurs representing ideas/projects in IoT & related fields.
- Projects may be submitted either individually or in teams (up to 5 members per team). Teams may be accompanied by mentors.

Why to Join ? ( Benefits of Participation )

- Access to the resources, innovation, technology and business know-how.
- Support from the mentors network and ecosystem of the organizers.
- Networking with top-notch investors in Egypt.
- All for free!

Why Intel and TIEC are launching this program ?

The IoT is the next evolution of the Internet and will dramatically change existing industries. This is why corporates like Intel and big technology providers put significant efforts into developing solutions for their customers.
We believe that the time is ripe, with the first IoT frameworks defined, for the industry to embrace open innovation to accelerate the transformations that these technologies will bring and how it will impact ICT industry in Egypt and the world; which achieves TIEC’s mission to stimulate a national innovation-based economy through strategizing, facilitating, and promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and the creation of intellectual property in ICT and its applications.

Who will have access to my data?

Only the jury, mentors and program organizers will have access to the data of participants. The data will be strongly protected from any unauthorized access.

Submitted data will be distributed within organizers internal units and affiliates.
The participants declare that they have the absolute ownership of the submitted information for the Egypt IoT League and it is not subject to the conflict concerning intellectual and/or industrial property rights (trademarks, patents, copyrights, etc.).


Egypt IoT League TimeLine

From To Activity 1 Activity 2
11-July-2016 13-July-2016 IoT Ideation Camp @ Behna IoT Ideation Camp @ Ain Shams
18-July-2016 20-July-2016 IoT Ideation Camp @ Minya IoT Ideation Camp @ Assiut
21-July-2016 23-July-2016 IoT Hackathon @ TIEC
28-July-2016 30-July-2016 IoT Hackathon @ Assiut
08-August-2016 10-August-2016 IoT Ideation Camp @ Mansoura IoT Ideation Camp @ Alexandria
18-August-2016 20-August-2016 IoT Hackathon @ Alexandria
1st week of September 2016 Egypt IoT League Closed Camp

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